Monday, January 18, 2010

Shannon Brown to the Dunk Contest

It's official! Shannon Brown made the 2010 Slam Dunk Contest! Let Shannon was a major factor. Great fans that voted on a daily basis made this really happen! So don't forget to support our boy come February 13th at the American Airline Center in Dallas. I guess Dallas has something to look forward to next month after all.

Defending champ Nate Robinson, who desperately needs the positive exposure as he's been benched the majority of this season, will be in with Gerald Wallace, Shannon Brown and Eric Gordon or DeMar DeRozan. These two will battle it out in a single-round two-dunk challenge that will be held at halftime during the Rookie Challenge on the night before.

LeBron James was scheduled early on this season but backed off several months ago. Either way Shannon Brown will bounce off Nate like a trampoline and grab the trophy!

Congrats to Shannon! He deserves the entry pass, just look at the video montage of dunks and blocks! The man has hops.

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