Friday, January 8, 2010

Rose Garden Arena Curse?

Curses for $1000 Alex. Answer: February 23, 2005. Jim: What is when the Mothman curse ended its tormenting death spree. Alex: No. Jen: What is when the Madden video game cover curse started. Alex: No. LakerLiker: What is the last known date the Los Angeles Lakers beat the Portland Trail Blazers at the Rose Garden Arena. Alex: Yes!

Is this really a curse? Could this misfortunate streak the Lakers would rather ignore be "curse" worthy? I mean, 9 straight defeats against Portland in their home arena. Why can't we get over this hump? Is Portland that great of a team at home? They're 13-6 at home this season, just above 500%. The Lakers, even without Gasol still were the taller team. Even though Bynum had a double double (13 pts, 12 rebs) I feel the other big man (Odom) should've been the deciding factor for tonight's Laker victory that never happened. LO needs to step up and score more than 15 points in order to help fill the Pau/Luke void. Gasol is missed and his spectator mode is hurting the team. Stupid hamstring. I say remove the hamstrings from both legs and replace them with that Titanium crap.

Tonight was the Bayless & Roy show. Their hot hand and consistent shot making helped the team's FG percentage be at .507 where the Lakers FG percentage ended up at .432. Bayless went 5-9 FG and 10-12 FT (21 pts) and Roy went 9-11 FG and 13-14 FT (32 pts). Andre Miller had 17 pts, 7 assists matching Kobe's 7 assists with 32 pts. Kobe is still carrying the offensive load having a whopping 37 shot attempts and only making 14. This stat worries me as other teammates attempted 13, 11 and 9 shots. Is Kobe trying too hard and forcing shots or is he just trying to do what his teammates seem to have difficulty doing, creating shots and scoring? It's frustrating to see at times that Kobe is often the only one penetrating and not just standing around the perimeter waiting for the outlet pass. When Kobe sits out all I see is Bynum waiting for the inside dish while the guards play hot potato.

We need inside presence and when Gasol is out, L.A.'s inside game goes with him.

Here's tonight's box score courtesy of Yahoo Sports! (Click to enlarge)


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