Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Relax Kobe, WE Got It!

Dallas Mavericks (25-13) hosted the defending Champion Los Angeles Lakers (30-9)
Series now tied 1-1

Post Game Wrap Up

Tonight was a game of record making numbers. Lakers win their 3,000th NBA game, a stand alone accomplishment and Congrats to Dirk for scoring his 20,000th point.

That being said, I bigger congrats goes to the entire Laker squad for an impressive victory over the preeminent team in the Southwest. The final score was 100-95. I had to dust off my Laker thesaurus to look up "Team Basketball" to remind myself of what the hell I was watching. Finally the Lakers show their true Purple and Gold colors! This was a complete team victory. Lakers bench outscored the Mavs bench by 10 pts. at 31 vs their 21. Farmar was key tonight setting the tempo with the 23 minutes he received and made several big shots. He was the spark off the bench and ended up being the leading second string scorer with 12 pts and 5 rebs.

Here are the numbers that made me giggle, 3 Lakers in double double figures! Why I giggled with such glee you ask? Kobe wasn't among them and Lakers still came out victorious. Bynum had 22 pts with 11 rebs, LO had 18 pts with 14 rebs and Artest went 5-5 FG with 16 pts, and 11 rebs! Again, I had to look up "Team Basketball" people! No 1,000 shot attempts by KB24 and more importantly no having to rely on team captain. Kobe's a warrior and came out to play regardless of his injuries. He attempted but his teammates were the ones who really pulled through.

Typically this is where I write about the opposing teams hi-lights but nah. Tonight is OUR night! Go Lakers!

Johnny Franco, our Texas correspondent was at the game tonight. In Dallas he's just as die-hard of a Laker fan as anybody else here in Cali. He proudly wore his Laker gear and needless to say he got some dirty looks among the loyal Maverick fans I'm sure. Good job representing Johnny! Congrats, you were that brave soul cheering on the champs when the crowd went silent. You witnessed the best team victory of the season so far.

As usual, here is tonight's box score courtesy of Yahoo Sports! (click to enlarge)

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