Thursday, January 21, 2010

One Loss, Seven Wins To Go

Cleveland Cavaliers (33-11) host the Los Angeles Lakers (32-10)
Series swept by Cavs 2-0
Cavs 93, Lakers 87

Game Wrap Up

The #1 team vs the #2 team in the league. LeBron vs Kobe. Lets give credit where credit is due. LeBron was simply faster, stronger and more efficient. He ended up with 37 points and 9 assists. Kobe had 31 points.

Who would be tonight's rebound leader? Gasol? Bynum? LeBron? LO? How about Shaq? LeBron or maybe Ilgauskas, Varejao? Try again. It was J.J. Hickson! He had a career high 14 rebs with 11 points. Maybe he was the surprise factor for the Lakers.

Kobe went 4-15 in the second half. Missed free throws/rebounds towards the stretch and poor all around FG shooting (.386) could've also been factors for tonight's loss. When you have LeBron rapping to Eminem lyrics in the late seconds of the game before the inbound pass you know the game is over. Lakers need to regroup and focus for the next 7 road games.

Here is tonight's box score courtesy of Yahoo Sports! (Click to enlarge)

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