Saturday, January 30, 2010

Lakers Reflect An Old Rivalry Among Champions

Boston Celtics (29-15) vs Los Angeles Lakers (36-11)
First meeting this season
TV: ABC - 3:30PM EST

Well it's that time of year again, Boston vs Lakers. A rivalry that dates back to Adam and Eve. How do you think Boston got it's clover idea? Current champions vs previous champions. The Purple Pleasant vs the Boston Bitter. We (fans too) always have something to prove against the Celtics. The outcome of this dual usually is an early indicator of how well the winning team plays post season.

Boston facts:

Boston is entering this game with a two game losing streak. This month, the Celtics are 6-13 making January their worst month of the season. Ending January with a win over the champs is a definite must. Pierce is coming off his season high 35 point game. Ray Allen's numbers in Jan. are erratic but this certainly does not discount his ability to dominate with his always dependable clutch shooting. He has one of the best looking jump shots out there. KG has 4 games under his jersey strings since his injury return from being sidelined for 10 games. He is still trying to get back into rhythm. Rondo is averaging 10 assists, look for him to penetrate and make plays to an outside Pierce or Allen. Lakers better match-up for speed and defense when Rondo is on the floor. Kendrick Perkins has stepped up big in Garnetts absence resulting in him being the teams leading rebounder averaging 8 boards. Rasheed Wallace has been inconsistent all season long and is very unpredictable. He can kill the Lakers with his 3 point shot or become his teams martyr with his 3 point shots.

L.A. facts:

Lakers are coming off a 3 road game winning streak. This is big for the teams chemistry and will be a confidence booster entering TD Garden. Kobe's points have dropped a little but the team as a whole typically pulls through when Kobe doesn't. Gasol has executed 6 double doubles in the last 8 games since his return from his hamstring injury. Bynum always plays well when he has something to prove. His absence in the upcoming All-Star game is reason enough. This game and it's media offspring is his opportunity to shine and remind his fans why he should've been voted in. Artest is on a high, fresh off one of his better games this season. He made three 3 pointers that helped add to his 18 points. LO is averaging double double figures and doesn't have any plans to lower that average. Look for both Brown and Farmar to get some significant playing time to match-up with Rondo's speed.

One things for certain, my Sunday laundry will definitely be done before game time!

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  1. AWSOME GAME!!!There nothing like winning on the road especially in Boston!Wish i was there....GOOD JOB LAKERS!!!


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