Sunday, January 10, 2010

Lakers Bench Earn Their Buck

Coming off embarrassing back to back losses, the Los Angeles Lakers (now 29-8) easily buck the Milwaukee Bucks at home. What stood out the most was how well the Lakers bench played with Kobe having a season low 12 points. On paper Kobe's low producing stats look bad but for the Lakers when Kobe scores in low numbers, (this season at least) this equates to easy Laker victories due to the opposing team shooting horribly and the high Laker bench production. So it's safe to assume that the bench is praying for bricks from both the opponent and Kobe.

Shannon Brown had his best game of the season. Brown was the games leading scorer with a season high 19 pts. He made one 3 pointer that really should've counted as a 4 pointer. Take a look for yourself:

Farmar had 17 pts and LO was passing the ball fluently having 9 assists. Andrew Bynum, fresh off of trade rumors for Toronto's Chris Bosh, made a subliminal statement to the Laker organization by having his 3rd consecutive double double. This time he has a season high 19 rebs with 17 pts.

The Lakers looked great tonight without Kobe's typical high production. He was off going 4-21 FG however this really didn't matter as the Bucks were throwing bricks too. Lakers bench capitalized and gave team captain an opportunity to rest befor a tough road ahead.

Here is tonight's box score courtesy of Yahoo Sports! (Click to enlarge)

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