Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Kobe Just 72 Points Away From Being Lakers All-Time Leading Scorer

Tonight Kobe produced 29 points against the Indiana Pacers which makes him just 72 points shy of beating the all-time Laker legend Jerry West as the teams leading scorer.

Jerry West in 14 seasons as a Laker scored a total of 25,193 points. Kobe, also currently in his 14th season will surpass Mr. Jerry West's spot as the all-time Laker leading scorer. The question is when? How many games will it take Kobe to score the needed 72 points? I say 3 games since the team is more involved and therefor sharing the points column.

No disrespect to the NBA logo but I thought it would be fitting to temporarily put Kobe's silhouette for this occasion.

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