Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Clippers Clip Lakers Winning Streak

Lakers walk into this game with their heads held high (maybe a little too high) with a 4 game winning streak. Clippers hosting tonight's game not only played with a taller offense but outscored the Lakers quarters 2-4, really making a statement 2nd quarter. Hey, they help pay the rent too!

It seems that Baron Davis' head band is extra tight when he plays against the NBA elite. He scored 24 pts and had 13 assists against Boston two weeks ago and now has 25 pts with 14 assists against the Lakers. On the other side of the court Kobe forced many shots while other teammates hesitated to make anything happen. There were several moments in the game that Fisher, Bynum, Brown and Farmar had that gave fans some hope of a possible comeback but the Clippers had an answer to to every Laker momentum boost. Answers both offensively and defensively that just flat out stilled the Laker squad.

Fourth quarter was where the Lakers had their chance to take the lead for the first time in the second half with a 10-0 run but again, the Clippers had an answer. Whether it was through Smith (12 pts, 6 rebs), Kaman (21 pts, 14 rebs), or Gordon (18 pts) they just seemed to devise a Laker stop when needed. The only light at the end of the tunnel for the Lakers was Gordon's poor defensive performance against Kobe and #24 sure took advantage of it scoring 33 pts. Again, just when you saw a small purple and gold spark, Baron took control of the game tempo and never slowed down. You could see him yell at his teammates when they gave the Lakers any opportunity for a comeback.

Tonight really reminded us Laker fans that Kobe can not do it all by himself. Yes, he was forcing many shots but I thought that he had to do something because of the indecisiveness shown up and down the court from other Lakers. Laker fans do not freak out, it is what it is, a loss. The champs have pulled many victories out of their asses already this season so this loss I'm sure we can accept. Against the Clippers though who are 11 games back in our division and without their star athlete Blake Griffin? Yes, and you know why? Because every team, despite their record or how poorly they played the night before, will always come out and play their best basketball against the champs just to prove that they can beat us. Knowing this, Lakers can not take any team lightly.

Here is tonight's box score courtesy of Yahoo Sports!
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