Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Day 2009: Lakers vs Cavaliers

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December 25th, 2009. Lakers (23-4) vs Cavs (22-8) @ Staples Center. TV: ABC (Of course). Time: 2:00PM PST

The day we've all been waiting for all year long has finally arrived and it so happen to land on Christmas day. The Los Angeles Lakers vs the Cleveland Cavaliers. The #1 SG Kobe vs the #1 SF LeBron. I will especially enjoy this game because Cleveland's big man acquisition (as for Phoenix) this past off season has so far been a disappointment in my mind. I remember receiving my SI mag with LeBron and Shaq on the cover and laughing when I saw it. I've grown to accept almost all NBA hype as a waste of time and effort to even take serious. This new Cleveland duo was quickly devoured by the media along with this upcoming Christmas game.

We will see if Shaq comes out of the woodwork and helps with ABC's network ratings. He needs to seriously start earning his $20,000,000 salary.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Sports Illustrated: Los Angeles Lakers Best Sports Franchise of the Decade

Lakers are voted the best sports franchise of the decade by Sports Illustrated. A direct insert from the website about our beloved Lakers:

Credentials: No team in the four major professional sports --NBA, NHL, NFL and MLB -- won more titles during the 2000s than the Lakers (4). Los Angeles made (6) six appearances in the NBA Finals during the decade, reached the playoffs (9) nine times and had (7) seven seasons with at least (50) fifty victories.

Here are the remaining (24) twenty-four top sports franchises of the decade:

2. New England Patriots 3. UConn women's hoops 4. San Antonio Spurs 5. New York Yankees 6. Detroit Red Wings 7. USC football 8. Indianapolis Colts 9. Texas football 10. North Carolina basketball 11. Boston Red Sox 12. Oklahoma football 13. Kansas football 14. Pittsburgh football 15. Florida football 16. LSU football 17. Michigan State football 18. Detroit Pistons 19. New Jersey Devils 20. Florida basketball 21. Ohio State football 22. Duke basketball 23. St. Louis Cardinals 24. Tennessee Lady Vols basketball 25. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

Congratulations to the current Champion Los Angeles Lakers of being recognized for helping build this great franchise to what it is today!

Monday, December 21, 2009

ESPN: 50 Greatest Lakers of All Time

Today ESPN debuted their new website, The pulling back of the curtain revealed a core focus on local sports teams for both the professional and collegial level but what really stood out for me was a small top link that read, "Top 50 L.A. Lakers". ESPN writer Dave McMenamin explains the process he used in creating this list of the 50 greatest Lakers of all time. Here it is in sequential order from last to first. To see the list in greater detail with writer commentary click on the link above.

50. Ron Artest 49. Horace Grant 48. Mike McGee 47. Cazzie Russell 46. Leroy Ellis 45. Kermit Washington 44. Jim Price 43. Ron Harper 42. Sedale Threatt 41. Jim Chones 40. Luke Walton 39. Darrall Imhoff 38. Andrew Bynum 37. Elmore Smith 36. Sam Perkins 35. Elden Campbell 34. Cedric Ceballos 33. Kurt Rambis 32. "Hot" Rod Hundley 31. Frank Selvy 30. Mel Counts 29. Trevor Ariza 28. Glen Rice 27. Mychal Thompson 26. Bob McAdoo 25. Rick Fox 24. Nick Van Exel 23. Jim McMillian 22. Eddie Jones 21. Vlade Divac 20. Robert Horry 19. A.C. Green 18. Happy Hairston 17. Lamar Odom 16. Rudy LaRusso 15. Norm Nixon 14. Pau Gasol 13. Jamaal Wilkes 12. Michael Cooper 11. Derek Fisher 10. Byron Scott 9. Gail Goodrich 8. James Worthy 7. Elgin Baylor 6. Wilt Chamberlain 5. Jerry West 4. Shaquille O'Neal 3. Kobe Bryant 2. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar 1. Earvin "Magic" Johnson

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

12/16/09: Another Game Winning Shot by Mr. Kobe Bryant

Kobe does it again. He ends another game with a last second beauty, this time against the unfortunate Bucks. Need I remind you his shooting index finger is broken. We have the BEST basketball player in the WORLD!

Monday, December 14, 2009

2010 Laker Girls Calendar Photos












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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Kobe Bryant - What Broken Finger?

Kobe has broken his shooting finger and played through the pain many times, so what makes this time any different? Kobe is a veteran and knows when his team needs him and tonight's game against the Jazz in Utah would be one of those games where his leadership is needed. Keep in mind that Kobe still scored 20 points last night against Minnesota despite the dangling finger.

When it comes to NBA injuries, some players take a game or two off to recover, some players go on IL holiday and some players just play through the pain. Kobe is the latter. The Black Mamba is a venomous fighter whose absence will require a far more serious injury.

Bryant has been elbowed by Ron Artest, clothes-lined by Raja Bell, tripped by dirty old Bruce Bowen, kicked in the nuts by sneaky Steve Nash and just plain abused by practically all frustrated defenders in the league throughout his career but Kobe always gets right back up to frustrate some more. To Kobe, blood is just red sweat.

"Anything negative - pressure, challenges - is all an opportunity for me to rise"

- Kobe Bryant

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Lakers are Defenders to Remember

Lakers win their 10 straight game and It's all thanks to D GATE! D GATE! Wait, oops, I meant D FENSE! D FENCE! Lakers are so strong defensively, especially with last night's performance against the Utah Jazz, it's scary.

Kobe is ranked 3rd in the league (steal average) with 2.3 steals a game and has a team high 45. Andrew Bynum is among the top 25 big men defenders with a team high 25 rejections this season.

Lakers have the TH trifecta: LengTH, DepTH and StrengTH. They thower over other theams thunderously. Wait, let me clear my throat here, yes, they tower over other teams thunderously. Having Gasol and Bynum is almost reminiscing of the twin towers over in San Antonio years ago with Robinson and Duncan.

Lakers look great and are in sync. It's going to take a really good team that will be able to stop our twin towers or the champs to have a really bad game for their fourth loss to happen. Regardless, Lakers losing will only happen if the unordinary happens. If the champs play to their ability then they really shouldn't have another loss for the rest of the season. A lot to ask for? Nope. The Lakers have the talent to do so.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Why the 16-3 Lakers are no Fakers

They are many reasons why the Lakers are dominating early on with the top record of 16-3. Let me do my best and point out the obvious positives that make this team the best team in the league. I will attempt to explain by giving you individual player stats that stand out. (In no particular order)

Kobe Bryant

Lakers have the best player in the league (3rd best ranked player) in Kobe Bryant, averaging 29 pts a game. Melo is the league's leader with 30 pts a game. I'm not factoring in Kevin Martin's numbers because he's only played 5 games this season is out with a fractured left wrist. Kobe is also ranked 3rd in steals with an average 2 steals per game. Kobe is amazing and never disappoints. KB24 will pass the legendary Jerry West this season to be the Lakers all-time leading scorer. An accolade that will be foreshadowed by yet another Larry O'Brien.

Lamar Odom

Lamar is a great bench player. He's currently ranked 2 (SF) in DREBS with an average of 7 per game and the team's #2 rebounder with 158 total. Even though his minutes are decreasing, Odom is the among the best 6th men in the league. The unfortunate leading stat the Lakers would rather ignore is the fact that Lamar is still the team's assist leader with 83. This is a true sign that the champs are in need of a PG who sets the tempo.

Ron Artest

Artest has become quite the outside perimeter threat. He is the team's leading 3pt shooter with 32 and currently ranked 12th in the league (SG/SF). Artest will soon be the team's assist leader with just 7 under Lamar. When there's no shot in the lane, there's definitely options for the outside dish, especially with how Ron has been shooting the rock! Artest's added strength and power to the team has helped the team lose it's "soft" label.

Andrew Bynum

Bynum is the team's leading rebounder with 167 boards and averaging 10 per game and has the most Laker blocks with 28. If Kobe has a bad night, Andrew will have his back being the team's 2nd best scorer. Andrew's inside game has improved significantly and towers over his defenders with ease.

Pau Gasol

Since Gasol's return, he been playing extraordinarily well and has lifted the team on a new high. The Lakers struggled with Pau's absence during the beginning of the season with close victories and embarrassing losses but now that Spaniard is back and healthy, Lakers are back to their old ways if not stronger. Gasol is averaging 18 pts & 9 rebs. He's yet to score in single digits this season. Gasol is a vital part to this championship squad because of his defensive length and ability to score in the paint fairly easily.

Shannon Brown

Brown is an energetic spark off the bench the Lakers need to close games. He fills in for Kobe perfectly. His numbers do not give him justice as his minutes are limited. Something to definitely look at when it comes to Shannon Brown is his jumping ability. His calf muscles alone are note worthy. I mean seriously, his vertical leap gives those fans in the nose bleed seats a front row spectacle. Once Kobe hits the bench, the game excitement typically leaves with him but this isn't the case when Shannon replaces him. When you have some free time, youtube Shannon Brown highlights and see for yourself.

Derek Fisher

The veteran, Mr. Clutch. What else can I say about the Finisher Fisher. I've said it all season long, especially when there were talks about Farmar wanting the starting PG position. Derek Fisher is the team's starting PG, case closed! I know I get many disgreements with this topic but I strongly believe that Fisher has the better defensive muscle and will always throw his body around when his team needs him to. Also, Fisher is clutch. He has proven to us that he can make the big shots over and over again. His signature high arcing shot is a thing of beauty. The stats that are not shown on paper is where Fisher is ranked #1. His hustle play, his heart, his endurance, his physique and his veteran-like instincts is why #2 is #1 in my mind.

Jordan Farmar

Listen, I have nothing against Farmar, I just think he's no Derek Fisher. He definitely holds his own. I like Jordan and his will to alway want to improve and prove to the team that he is no sloucher is what attracts me. Farmar has great defense and can pass the ball around the key. His mid range shooting is where he shines, just like Powell. Farmar is a great backup PG and one day he will get the starting role, just not today. Where Farmar excels is his quickness. He will be the Lakers future tempo setter.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Kobe's Game Winning 3 Pointer - 12/4/2009

To The Point


This is why I blog, PERIOD! When the game is on the line you never second guess Kobe's ability to close it! What a game and what another nail-biter. MVP, MVP, MVP! This shot will be talked about all season long! I've seen it about 20 times already. Take a look! Who has the balls to bank in a 3 pointer off of one leg fading away to win a game?! Who does that?! KOBE FUCKING BRYANT DOES!!! Notice the play was drawn out to end the game and not tie it. Lakers win their 8th straight! Kobe with 17 4th quarter points. This is why he is simply the best!!!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Choked Up Iverson Returns to Philadelphia

I know this story isn't "Lakers" related but when I saw this video I was compelled to express my feelings about the situation. I've been a fan of AI since I can remember. He is part of the rare pack of players who play with ALL HEART. He started his career as a 76er and will most likely end his career in Philadelphia. Let me give you a quick rundown of his accolades in Philly.
  • Teams highest scoring average (28.1 pts. in 10 seasons)
  • 2001 NBA MVP
  • 7-time All Star as a sixer (10-time overall)
  • Most three pointers (877)
  • 4 Scoring Titles
  • 2 All-star game MVP's
  • 2001 NBA Finals appearance but fell short to the Lakers
When Iverson left Philly in 2006, it wasn't a happy exit. It was actually quite a bitter departure full of drama and indifference's. After the trade was complete, the team ended up yanking his nameplate off his locker and edited Iverson out of video highlights.

Now the aging 34 year old is looking for work in a profession that seeks youth. There were talks about the Knicks showing interest but that move never happened. Iverson's last chance, last hope to play in a league he poured his heart in day in and day out was almost coming to an end. The European League was his next stop.

Since he left Philadelphia, AI has played for Denver, Detroit and even Memphis. Iverson said he always felt different wearing a new jersey. He also said he could never watch a 76er's game. A choked up Iverson was grateful and appreciative that the 76er's organization resigned him. As much as I would want to believe that team president Ed Stefanski took in AI from the kindness of his heart, let's really face the music here. Philadelphia is currently 5-14, having lost their 9th straight game and Louis Williams is injured with a fractured jaw bone.

Regardless, Allen Iverson will once again put on his #3 Philadelphia 76er's jersey this Monday night! He is ready to prove to the world that he still has it in him to play NBA caliber level basketball! If you are true fan of this great sport, DO NOT MISS THIS GAME! AI will show these young fools how to play the game with ALL HEART!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Hornets in town with two wasps down

December 1, 2009, Season Game 17: Los Angeles Lakers (13-3) vs New Orleans Hornets (7-10) @ Staples Center. 7:30PM PST-TV: CST, FSW. Lakers lead season series 1-0.


Here are the two major reasons why the Hornets have absolutely no chance to even be competitive tonight. Chris Paul, out indefinitely with a sprained left ankle and Peja Stojakovic, out for personal reasons. David West is New Orleans only chance. If Gasol can't handle him defensively, Lakers have several backup plans. Darren Collison will have to have a career night to help even the load for West.

Look for Marcus Thornton to have a big night. Kobe will only have a big night if Phil allows him the minutes over an easy opponent. Kobe is currently ranked 4 (overall) in the league and ranked 3 in points average (29.5). Again, if Phil allows for Kobe to remain in the game, look for Kobe to inch his way closer to Melo's already 527 pts. this season.

Kobe Bryant: GQ Champion of the Year