Saturday, October 31, 2009

Season Game 3: Los Angeles Lakers vs Atlanta Hawks

November 1st, Season Game 3: Lakers vs Hawks.
Staples Center, Los Angeles - 6:30PM PT (FSN West)

After last night's brick special over at the Staples Center, Lakers need to step back, grab some popcorn and watch plenty of film. Their performance left Dallas thinking they can beat any team now. I hate to look back because there's no sense now, but as I was watching last nights' travesty, I couldn't help but think how well Ariza is fitting into the Rockets rotation. He's the team's leading scorer and is just playing great early season. I can't stop thinking how much we miss him already. Again, Artest is no Ariza and Ariza is definitely no Artest. In saying this, each player has their own strengths but if I were to compare and jot down pro's and con's, Trevor would easily out number Artest.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, losing Trevor is something you can't bandage, especially with the quick Artest remedy. The wound will not heal and will only continue to hurt the Lakers until we find surgical help. When I say surgical help, I mean surgically removing what is hurting the Lakers, Ron Artest.

Pre-game, Kobe was interviewed and was asked something to the extent of how he felt with the chances of the Lakers winning 72+ games this season. Kobe quickly answered, not promising anything as its way too early and he also said something that stuck in my mind, he said it's also too early to see if he has the squad that's capable of making that feat. I knew when I heard that, he gave us a subliminal message saying we'll have to wait and see how Artest benefits the team. I may be thinking way too deep in to his statement but you had to see the look on his face when he said it.

I am definitely not putting the blame solely on just one player for last nights loss because practically the whole team played horribly, however, I am also not going to dismiss my thoughts about Artest until he shows us what Kupchak saw in him.

Post Game:

Yes, the Lakers are back! A must needed redemption from the Mav's massacre the other night. This was a well played game for the Lakers. Four players in double figures, Kobe had 41 pts, Lamar almost with a triple double (11 pts, 14 rebs, 8 assists), Bynum with 21 pts and Artest with 12 pts. Artest led the night in block shots with 3. His offense still needs a jump start but his defense is starting to pick up.

Here are the final numbers to the game:
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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Season Game 2: Los Angeles Lakers vs Dallas Mavericks

October 30th, Season Game 2: Lakers vs Mavericks. This WILL be a very close game. Dallas coming off an embarrassing loss at home against the Wizards has only left them angry and out for blood. The big 2 will have a big game, Marion and Dirk. Kidd needs to bounce back from his low productive opening night.

Lakers obviously have everything to gain and all the momentum, especially playing at home again. This game will be an early preview of what the Lakers will expect come playoff time. This season also holds much promise to a great divisional championship. The Western Conference clearly has the stronger teams in the NBA.

On a personal note. Poker or game? I hate tough decisions! Wait, why not both? I will work on this. Go Lakers!

Post Game:

Lakers just couldn't get any run going tonight. The Mavericks had an answer for every Laker come back attempt. Kobe (6-19), Lamar (5-11), Artest (1-6), Farmar (2-8), Fisher (2-9), and Bynum (6-13). This kind of production always leads to an L. Shannon Brown was the only player that showed consistency. The Dallas Mavs simply dominated offensively & defensively. Marion & Kidd had a Stockton to Malone kind of night. Kidd with 11 assists and most of those went to #0, Shawn Marion.

Here are the final numbers to the game:
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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Season Opener: Los Angeles Lakers vs Los Angeles Clippers

Season Opener, October 27th: Los Angeles Lakers vs Los Angeles Clippers. It's official folks! The season starts now! Lakers should have an easy game over the cursed Clippers tonight. The Clippers losing Blake Griffin to a broken kneecap. He'll be out for 6 weeks.

The hilight of the night won't be the Lakers winning, the spotlight will be on the players receiving their NBA championship rings. This will occur before tip-off. Each Laker will wear a special anniversary jacket. This is a great night to be a ticket holder because on top of all that, fans will also witness the new championship banner revealed.

The Lakers will also have a champions patch on their jerseys featuring the Larry O'Brien Trophy, and the number 15. The only missing component to tonight's celebration was Trevor Ariza. It's too bad they couldn't make something happen where he could magically make a surprise visit.

Here are the final number for the game:
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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Preseason Games 7 & 8: Los Angeles Lakers vs Denver Nuggets

October 22 & 23, Preseason Games 7 & 8. Lakers vs Nuggets. Two more of these scrimmages before the big season opener on the 27th.

The Lakers have become a smart team of veterans who know the game. Let me briefly tell you why age doesn't matter to our starting PG. D. Fish, the elder whose physique rookies would love to have will yet again display the pure desire to win another championship that most players artificially display. He's still clutch and dependable when the game is on the line. I pick him defensively over any PG on the floor.

Here's a quote from Sports Illustrator:

"0 Games missed by the backcourt of Derek Fisher, 35 and Kobe Bryant, 31, during the regular season. The oldest starting-guard tandem in the NBA last year was also the only one to start all 82 of its team's games".

Great health leads to great seasons. I can't say enough about how losing Fisher in '04 was a big mistake but picking him up again in '07 was HUGE! He is and should be the inspiration for the team to keep going, no matter what! His energy is contagious and will continue to motivate his teammates. He's ALL heart! Fuck this, "I don't make enough money" or "I'm not happy here" or "I need more minutes" crap. Derek Fisher is the LION among the hungry hyenas who are never satisfied. He is the quintessential of how the game should be played. He will play just as hard at the starting position as he would coming off the bench. It doesn't matter.

Lets just watch these final two games as if they matter and prep ourselves for a great 2009-2010 season full of upsets and met expectations. Speaking of expectations, this hype for the LeBron and Shaq duo is just what it is, hype. The same recognizable hype the media gave Shaq in Phoenix and we all know how that concluded. His presence destroyed the team tempo. The Suns were one of THE teams to beat in the West. Now Phoenix fans find greater entertainment with their WNBA Champions. Shaq will only do the same for LeBron's Cavs. We'll just have to see how this new relationship develops.

I've been seeing these preseason games very casually but something in Gasol's, Bynum's, Kobe's and even Brown's eyes is giving me great comfort. If you look closely, you can see flames in their eyes that only Larry O'Brien can extinguish.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Preseason Game 6: Los Angeles Lakers vs Golden State Warriors

October 20th, Preseason Game #6: Lakers vs Warriors Part III. I know it's only preseason but I just can't help myself. I get excited and jittery at this time of the year. I love how the trash talking immediately started off season. Example, KG guaranteeing back to back championships in 2010 and 2011? Wow, I'm just speechless. I mean, promising one championship I can tolerate, since Riley did it back in 87 but to promise back to back championship seasons? Has KG jumped the couch? Seriously. I found a great article on this story at

I think I went off topic here. Okay back to this preseason game. the Warriors have the edge as far as momentum goes since they beat us on the 9th in Magic's nesting ground. Lakers (I'm sure) will come out hot and make a statement before the Lakers season jumps off on the 27th. Premonition, Artest will have a great game simply because he always does against the Warriors.

Final numbers to the game:

Episode 1: Kobe's Circus Shots - 10-18-09

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Preseason Games 4 & 5: Lakers Shootout back home at the Staples Center

Preseason Game 4: October 17th, Lakers vs Bobcats. Let me paint the picture on this day of craziness. The Charlotte Bobcats, Utah Jazz and that other team who shares the rent, Los Angeles Clippers will join the Lakers for this two day shootout event. Since the Champs are already playing the Bobcats, this leaves the Clippers hosting the Utah Jazz. Now, the results from these games will lead into Sunday's festivities.

Preseason Game 5: October 18th. This day will feature winners playing winners and losers playing losers from Saturday's Shootout. Lakers will play against either the Clippers or Jazz.

Here are the final numbers for the Lakers vs Bobcats game (Saturday):

Final numbers for the Lakers vs Clippers game (Sunday):

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Preseason Game 3: Lakers vs Kings

October 15th, Preseason Game #3 - The Champs vs Sacramento Kings at the Thomas & Mack Center in LAS VEGAS! Everyone knows that Aces always beat Kings! Where do I begin with Sacramento's issues? They haven't been serious NBA contenders in years, they might be relocating to a different city in the near distant future and their star rookie Tyreke Evans underwent an MRI after feeling pain his left knee.

Let's face it, the only way the Maloof Brothers are coming up victorious tonight is if Dr. Buss and Farmar pay a visit at the Palms to play some poker. These poker fanatics are known to have played a hand or two while giving up some major mula in the process.

Lakers will bounce back from their ruined reunion at the Forum and remind the Kings why L.A. is the true capital of Cali!

Here are the final number for the game:

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Preseason Game 2: Inglewood Lakers vs Golden State Warriors

Going back to where it all began...The Great Western Forum. The now LA Forum hosts the NBA Champs (again, never gets old) vs Golden State, Part II, preseason game 2.

When I see this picture I have many memories. I would drive past The Great Western Forum when visiting my Grandmother and cousins and reading the big sign in the front, seeing who the Lakers were playing that night. Going to games, and waiting for players to leave the parking lot for a lucky signature. I remember meeting Harold Miner after one game, remember him? Meeting Kurt Rambis, not as a player but as an assistant coach. Seeing Vlade drive away in his souped up Mercedez.

One priceless memory that would never be replaced is when I met Chick Hearn.

My cousin Peter and I were walking around inside the forum, pre-game, and spotted Chick Hearn and Stu Lantz (AKA Chicken Stew). We started to wave our arms nervously to maybe grab their attention for an autograph. We were in the aisle way and they were about 10 rows up. Stu waved us off but Chick waved us in. Man, I'm getting teary eyed just reminiscing. THE Golden Throat Chick Hearn took the time to personally greet us both and signed our program! He made the time for! Even when he was swamped with pre-game preparation he still made the time for us fans. Fans for life! Like Chick, moments like this one will last forever. We miss you so much Chick!

I think I went off topic here but who cares, anytime I can write about Chick is a good time.

So, this game will conclude to the same post game numbers, Bryant, Bynum will give there respected preseason highs and hopefully Artest will have a bigger game. He should have all the butterflies out of his system now. The Warriors will leave with a bitter taste of what to expect in the regular season if massive changes don't happen. They're too small and desperately need size. My crystal ball is showing more Shannon Brown-like dunks coming there way.

Here's the dunk in case you missed it:

Here are the final number for the game
(click to enlarge)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Preseason Game 1: Anaheim Lakers vs Golden State Warriors

It's official, Lakers preseason starts tonight in Anaheim. In an arena where ducks dwell, Honda Center welcomes the NBA champs (saying that never gets old) for their annual preseason visit. This is an opportunity for the fans to witness Artest's first game as a Laker. We will see how he meshes with his teammates and visa-versa. Since the early Radman trade last season and Ariza moving to Houston post season, the expectation for Artest is HEAVY. Can he defend better than Ariza? Or score better than Radmanovic? We will see if the hype surrounding his arrival is deserving.

On the flip side, this game will also be an early preview of how the Warriors can play big with such a small squad.

Here are the final numbers for the game.
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NBA 2K Sports Virtual Kobe Bryant Evolutionary Chart

Here's another really cool video I found on See Kobe's expressions and hear what he has to say about how his NBA 2K player has grown throughout the years. From the original NBA 2K game in 99 to the present. The CG rendering is simply amazing and his profile player specifically is flawless in NBA 2K10. Mad props to 2K Sports and their dedication to make THE BEST basketball video game to ever exist. EA Sports needs to seriously stop trying. They have the best football game and 2K Sports has the best basketball game. End of discussion.

Monday, October 5, 2009

NBA 2K10 Kobe Commercial

This video I found on and has to be the best one to date. Thanks Kam for posting it! Tomorrow is the big day! It's too bad IGN only gave it an 8.5. I was hoping for maybe a 9.0+.