Thursday, July 30, 2009

Lamar Odom - 33 Million for the next 4 years!

THIS JUST IN, Lamar's wardrobe is loud, VERY LOUD...wait, THIS ALSO IN, Lamar has finally made his decision! The last missing piece to the Lakers Dynasty has returned! 33 million for the next 4 years reported by ESPN. $27 million guaranteed (25 mill for the first 3 years and an opt to leave on the 4th year for $2 mill). It's evident that he wants to return as a Laker because of the big potential contracts left behind with Portland and Miami. He was just looking at his options people, no big deal (as I release a BIG sigh of relief).

Now, we are definitely set and ready for the upcoming season, especially with bad boy Artest on board. Let's do this all over again!

Monday, July 27, 2009


Why haven't the Lakers organization signed Lamar Odom yet?! WTF. Now there's talk about Pat Riley and Dwayne Wade meeting up with Odom? This is not good folks. We need Odom back! Any more departing will have Scorsese's attention. These stupid lengthy negotiations will ultimately damage the teams camaraderie. We can't afford to keep opening the door for new players to come rushing in. We have a strong, deep rooted team, maybe even stronger with Artest dishing out punches now, but this? Possibly losing Odom now? What's going on? It seems Odom's sweet tooth has a craving for something much more

Don't Protest Artest Quite Yet

The Lakers pick up bad boy Ron Artest to fill in the shoes left behind by past trouble makers like Rambis, Rodman and Ronny. Now with the new addition of Ron, I am forced to use my creative juices and call this, "The 4th R-mageddon". I know it's cheesy but this is all I have being it's 2:30am. Please let me know if I've forgotten any other Laker bad boy...Cooper, maybe even Madsen too?

At first, like most Lakers fans I'm sure, hearing about Artest joining the Lakers squad next year had me vomit in my mouth. I could not believe it, please say it ain't so! I knew at the time Ariza's return was still iffy and when I heard about this I knew for certain that Trevor was out and Ron was quickly put in to fill the gap. How can we let Trevor go? Oh yeah, David Lee. This makes sense now. Sports agent Lee is infamous for lengthy contract negotiations. This is the reason why Trevor in now a Houston Rocket, for sure. I'm not sure if it was David's greedy hands that caused this separation or Trevor deservingly wanting a deeper role with a different team. Who knows, I truly hope both parties benefit from this unfortunate fall out. In the outcome, players ability to perform to their TRUEST potential ALWAYS comes down to dollar signs. Always. Bynum is represented by Lee as well so if we see Bynum leave unexpectedly then we know who's at fault there.

Pros and Cons about Mr. Laker Ron Artest.


On a day when the media is covering Mr. Low Sperm Count Manny Ramirez returning to the Dodger line-up, the Lakers gain more testosterone by adding Artest to the line-up. He will give the team that extra punch (literally) needed to spark the often criticized weak defense. Ron will take one for the team and better yet give one for the team like D. Fish did to Scola. I do see Ron backing up Kobe when Kobe needs protection. We lacked that somewhat last season with sometimes obvious timidness shown by the bench.

Artest is the better scorer than Ariza however Ariza is much quicker and can steal the ball. Kobe will definitely get more help in the points category but will also lose some help with defensive steals. Ariza was showing confidence in his perimeter shooting and may be the better scorer next season.

Better defense is a given result when Ron Artest is on the floor. He can out physical most players out there. He is very strong and is very resilient. This is exactly what the Lakers need to help harden their softer side.


Artest is Artest. He has a label that will never leave him just like the label given to Kobe. It's just part of the game and it comes down to the individual to change it. If Ron's intention of joining the Lakers goes deeper than an easy milked opportunity to get a ring, then maybe, just maybe he can improve his image and really help the Lakers become a much stronger team for years to come.

Artest is not known to make big shots like Ariza did in the Finals. Artest is also known to force the ball and make stupid plays. This is why I'm harsh with my criticisms. I personally think Ron is mentally ill and needs medical attention. His mental state carries over onto the court which interferes with his decision making skills. This will drive Kobe off the wall. You think Sasha pisses Kobe off? Just wait until you see Artest snap at team captain's direction giving. Ron can not take direction well and this will cause indifference's which will also spill onto the court. We can not afford to have this team start to separate at the seam from this close knit relationship. Just one man has the capability of such a thing, just look at Shaq and the Suns. Just when you think you've made a good move to better the team, the true reality of it shows itself mid season when it's too late to fix.

Let's hope to look back from this come May and thank Mr. Kupchak once again for his brilliant risk taking that always seems to pay off in the end!

Why Derek Fisher is #1, not #2

On a day where loyal Lakers fans sacrificed a day of work to make it out to a sea of purple and gold, a day where a foot of progress seemed like a mile of anxiousness and a day EVERY Lakers fan made it top priority for a celebration, Derek Fisher was humbled by the sight of fans simply giving thanks. His smile and energy matching ours made all of our efforts worthwhile.

As we all know, Derek Fisher's huge contribution as a Laker throughout this decade has made him an all-time Laker favorite. On the court, his courage, his heart, his love for basketball, game in and game out is why he will ALWAYS be a Laker in fans eyes. Off the court, his professionalism in every interview given, his commitment to his charities and basketball camps and first and foremost, his family. He makes family TOP PRIORITY. If you're looking for a role model, try looking past those the media have chosen and set your eyes on #2 Derek Fisher, a true humanitarian.

Not many people know this about #2. Derek Fisher was voted President of the NBA Players Association. Derek has also been the color commentator for the Los Angeles Sparks of the WNBA since July 1, 2008. When D. Fish rejoined the Lakers in 2007 for a 3 year contract of 14 million, he left 8 million dollars on the table in Utah. Why do you ask? Derek is all about family and love. His heart is more golden than the NBA trophy he now holds. His daughter Tatum was diagnosed with retinoblastoma, a cancerous tumor in her left eye and he decided to move back to Los Angeles to get better treatment for his daughters cancer.

You'd think the fans in Utah would welcome Derek's seasonal revisit. Think not. Aside from Utah fans chanting "CANCER" when Fisher is at the free-throw line, they also cover their left eye, the one his daughter has had her problems with.

Derek Fisher and his family DOES NOT deserve this crap and us Lakers fans will NEVER show that kind of disrespect. Period!

Directly inserted from Derek's website ( is the information for his first annual DFBA Summer Camp!

The Derek Fisher Basketball Academy is proud to announce its first summer basketball camp.
A three-time NBA champion, Derek has created an experience for children and teens of all skill levels, dedicated to developing the basketball, leadership and life skills of every camper.

Respected for his talent and professionalism across the league, Derek and his team of training specialists -- the same ones who help him prepare during the basketball season -- will be on site daily to work with campers, teaching them core skills of the game of basketball, and how to succeed in life.

Each camper's daily schedule will be filled with drills, chalk talk, interactive instruction, competitions and daily surprises, all held at HAX, a state-of-the-art basketball training facility in Los Angeles.

Monday, July 20 to Friday, July 24, 2009
Arrival daily: 9:00 to 9:30 AM
Pickup daily: 3:00 to 3:30 PM

You can register online right now!

So in conclusion, I speak on behalf of every Lakers fan...THANK YOU.

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