Sunday, April 19, 2009

Focused Lakers leave Utah in a blurr

Sunday, April 19, 2009
Los Angeles Lakers vs Utah Jazz
Round 1 - Game 1

Lakers cruise by the Utah Jazz in Game 1. Let's face it, Carlos Boozer and Deron Williams will need more help offensively to beat the Lakers. Carlos played well scoring 27 pts and 9 boards. Deron dished the ball Stockton-like with a whopping 17 assists but no other Jazz player stood out to be much of a factor. Where's AK47? He needs to attack more rather than stand around the perimeter. Millsap was the only other contributor with 15 pts.

It seemed that the Lakers struggled more with fouls than with the Jazz. Trevor Ariza got his start and did not fail to show Coach Jackson his appreciation. Ariza scored 21 humble points and showed his quick speed on a play that left Boozer in the dust with a reverse dunk. His ability to penetrate and finish like #24 is that extra cushion Lakers need, especially post season. We will need Ariza to play well consistently like he did today throughout the playoffs to really ease through the West.

Kobe was quiet early in the game and really didn't need to put up big numbers. This is indicative of how deep the Lakers are with all around talent that spills over to the bench. Having Odom lead off the bench is the perfect back up plan any coach would love to have.

Kobe Bryant ended up being the leading scorer with 24 points and 9 boards. Gasol had 20 pts with 9 boards and Odom had 13 pts with 8 boards. The final score: Lakers 113, Jazz 100.

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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Can Shaqless Kobe Finally Win a Championship?

It's the same old rehearsed, monotonous line Kobe Haters say every year. They feed off the mere thought of Kobe yet winning a championship without Superman. I constantly hear, "Kobe can never do it without Shaq" or "Kobe is too much of a self absorbed, egotistical player to ever realize how well he had it", it never ends. Even though Kobe's predecessor role came unexpectedly for fans, we all knew it was bound to happen sooner or later.

Now that the Lakers are playing championship caliber basketball, this season is the closest by far to really show the world how the Lakers organization can come back from ridiculous adversity and leave a stamp on those doubting faces. Finally a season where everything seems to be falling into place after almost falling apart with unfortunate injuries and trades (in my opinion) in past years. Yes, 08 was a great year but an obvious greater year for others. It just wasn't our turn.

This recent talk seeping through the airwaves about how the Lakers are falling apart? Come on people, only 16 losses so far is not too shabby. Yes, losing 2 in a row is something to frown upon as fans seek perfection but definitely not the end of the world. Defense on the road needs serious bandaging but again not the end of the world. Bynum at the Playboy Mansion while teammates bust their ass is something to really frown upon. I just can't get past this. This is bugging me as I love Bynum but speculate the length of rehab time given.

Lakers are fine and will put it into 6th gear come post season. Everything happens for a reason and this year is reason alone to know that nothing is stopping us from winning another championship. THIS IS OUR YEAR! Kobe has not disappointed all season long and will not disappoint past April.