Thursday, December 10, 2009

Lakers are Defenders to Remember

Lakers win their 10 straight game and It's all thanks to D GATE! D GATE! Wait, oops, I meant D FENSE! D FENCE! Lakers are so strong defensively, especially with last night's performance against the Utah Jazz, it's scary.

Kobe is ranked 3rd in the league (steal average) with 2.3 steals a game and has a team high 45. Andrew Bynum is among the top 25 big men defenders with a team high 25 rejections this season.

Lakers have the TH trifecta: LengTH, DepTH and StrengTH. They thower over other theams thunderously. Wait, let me clear my throat here, yes, they tower over other teams thunderously. Having Gasol and Bynum is almost reminiscing of the twin towers over in San Antonio years ago with Robinson and Duncan.

Lakers look great and are in sync. It's going to take a really good team that will be able to stop our twin towers or the champs to have a really bad game for their fourth loss to happen. Regardless, Lakers losing will only happen if the unordinary happens. If the champs play to their ability then they really shouldn't have another loss for the rest of the season. A lot to ask for? Nope. The Lakers have the talent to do so.

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