Saturday, December 12, 2009

Kobe Bryant - What Broken Finger?

Kobe has broken his shooting finger and played through the pain many times, so what makes this time any different? Kobe is a veteran and knows when his team needs him and tonight's game against the Jazz in Utah would be one of those games where his leadership is needed. Keep in mind that Kobe still scored 20 points last night against Minnesota despite the dangling finger.

When it comes to NBA injuries, some players take a game or two off to recover, some players go on IL holiday and some players just play through the pain. Kobe is the latter. The Black Mamba is a venomous fighter whose absence will require a far more serious injury.

Bryant has been elbowed by Ron Artest, clothes-lined by Raja Bell, tripped by dirty old Bruce Bowen, kicked in the nuts by sneaky Steve Nash and just plain abused by practically all frustrated defenders in the league throughout his career but Kobe always gets right back up to frustrate some more. To Kobe, blood is just red sweat.

"Anything negative - pressure, challenges - is all an opportunity for me to rise"

- Kobe Bryant


  1. OMG That's crazy I could just imagine the pain!! Btw I was playing with doors and broken my pinky. I had nails (fake) on and I had one half of my fake AND real nail on, and on the other half no nails. It really hurt. I hope Kobe is ok!!!

  2. Get it because of gay.


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