Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Day 2009: Lakers vs Cavaliers

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December 25th, 2009. Lakers (23-4) vs Cavs (22-8) @ Staples Center. TV: ABC (Of course). Time: 2:00PM PST

The day we've all been waiting for all year long has finally arrived and it so happen to land on Christmas day. The Los Angeles Lakers vs the Cleveland Cavaliers. The #1 SG Kobe vs the #1 SF LeBron. I will especially enjoy this game because Cleveland's big man acquisition (as for Phoenix) this past off season has so far been a disappointment in my mind. I remember receiving my SI mag with LeBron and Shaq on the cover and laughing when I saw it. I've grown to accept almost all NBA hype as a waste of time and effort to even take serious. This new Cleveland duo was quickly devoured by the media along with this upcoming Christmas game.

We will see if Shaq comes out of the woodwork and helps with ABC's network ratings. He needs to seriously start earning his $20,000,000 salary.


  1. sloby is a bitch. LeBron is on his way biggger stronger done deal

  2. LOL...LeBron may be bigger and stronger but he still lacks what Kobe already...a ring. Not just one ring, try 4 rings. LeBron salivates for a championship season while Kobe celebrates them.


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