Thursday, December 3, 2009

Choked Up Iverson Returns to Philadelphia

I know this story isn't "Lakers" related but when I saw this video I was compelled to express my feelings about the situation. I've been a fan of AI since I can remember. He is part of the rare pack of players who play with ALL HEART. He started his career as a 76er and will most likely end his career in Philadelphia. Let me give you a quick rundown of his accolades in Philly.
  • Teams highest scoring average (28.1 pts. in 10 seasons)
  • 2001 NBA MVP
  • 7-time All Star as a sixer (10-time overall)
  • Most three pointers (877)
  • 4 Scoring Titles
  • 2 All-star game MVP's
  • 2001 NBA Finals appearance but fell short to the Lakers
When Iverson left Philly in 2006, it wasn't a happy exit. It was actually quite a bitter departure full of drama and indifference's. After the trade was complete, the team ended up yanking his nameplate off his locker and edited Iverson out of video highlights.

Now the aging 34 year old is looking for work in a profession that seeks youth. There were talks about the Knicks showing interest but that move never happened. Iverson's last chance, last hope to play in a league he poured his heart in day in and day out was almost coming to an end. The European League was his next stop.

Since he left Philadelphia, AI has played for Denver, Detroit and even Memphis. Iverson said he always felt different wearing a new jersey. He also said he could never watch a 76er's game. A choked up Iverson was grateful and appreciative that the 76er's organization resigned him. As much as I would want to believe that team president Ed Stefanski took in AI from the kindness of his heart, let's really face the music here. Philadelphia is currently 5-14, having lost their 9th straight game and Louis Williams is injured with a fractured jaw bone.

Regardless, Allen Iverson will once again put on his #3 Philadelphia 76er's jersey this Monday night! He is ready to prove to the world that he still has it in him to play NBA caliber level basketball! If you are true fan of this great sport, DO NOT MISS THIS GAME! AI will show these young fools how to play the game with ALL HEART!

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