Monday, November 16, 2009

Season Game 11: Los Angeles Lakers vs Detroit Pistons

November 17th, Season Game 11: Los Angeles Lakers (7-3) vs Detroit Pistons (5-5) @ Staples Center. 7:30PM PST. TV: FSD, FSW


I apologize for my previous blog. Uh, I was wrong, so wrong. Lakers got their asses handed to them. Rockets did start off on the wrong foot as I had guessed but the Lakers failed to keep the lead and lost momentum defensively. Who forgot to guard the 5-9 PG? Who would've thought Aaron Brooks would choose to have his career high against the champs? Brooks went 11-23 scoring 33 pts! OUCH. This goes to show that you can not take anyone lightly, no matter how he appears to be on paper.

Okay, now on to tomorrow nights match-up. I would bet you if Detroit had 3 wishes, the first one would go to avoiding their upcoming road trip. They start off by playing this game against the NBA champs, then to Portland, and then to finish off their road trip with back to back games against Utah and Phoenix. Somebody needs to seriously fire the travel agent who allowed this to happen.

Let's face it, Detroit has no significant big man. The aging Wallace is near retirement, Kwame is putting up similar numbers that reminds us why we got rid of him in the first place. Their only chance is in Villanueva who is capable of scoring but not rebounding. He averages just 6 boards a game. Their skills lye at the 1-2 spots. Detroit has Will Bynum and 50 Cent look-a-like Rodney Stuckey. When Stuckey isn't at the club with a bottle full of bub, he's playing DEEETROOOIT BAAASKETBAAALL, averaging 17 pts and matching Villanuevas 6 rebs per game. Bynum is averaging 14 pts. He scored a total of 47 pts in his last 2 games. Don't forget about, man I forget his name, BEN FRIGGIN GORDON! I constantly have to remind myself he's with the Pistons now. I always assumed he would be part of the Chicago Bulls Franchise. That's the NBA for ya! It's a rare sight to see players stay with one organization nowadays. Ben is averaging 22 pts.

One thing these two teams have in common is expected returns by key players. Pau is yet to make his NBA debut and Richard Hamilton is expected to return from his sprained right ankle. Will Gasol and Hamilton return tomorrow night? My bet goes to Hamilton.

Click on the link for the Box Score courtesy of Yahoo Sports: Lakers vs Pistons Box Score

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