Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Nov. 24: Los Angeles Lakers vs New York Knickerbrickers

November 24th, Season Game 14: Los Angeles Lakers (10-3) vs New York Knicks (3-10) @ Staples Center. 7:30PM PST. TV: MSG, FSW


The way New York is playing right now, Kobe just might make a repeat MSG performance and score 61 points. Lets face it, Larry Hughes cant stop Kobe, actually there's only a selected few that can slow him down. The bigger problem for the Knicks is internal issues they need to be resolved before anything else. This Nate vs D'Antoni drama is hurting the team. Nate needs to direct D'Antoni's well known Phoenix fast pace offense and a lack of a PG to set the tempo is killing them. Now that Iverson isn't going to NY, something or someone needs to step up and be the bigger man and fix this before even the loyal New York fan base abandons them.

New York has high expectations for the Knicks this year. Yankees are the MLB World Champions and Jay-Z's Empire State of Mind is off the charts. New York is the place to be and the only missing piece is the usual buzz around town on how well the Knicks played the other night among New Yorkers.

Knicks have the capability of being a great basketball team but their team chemistry is holding them back. They have 5 players averaging in double figures. David Lee is averaging 18 pts, 10 rebs. al Harrington is averaging 20 pts. Hughes is averaging 13 pts a game, Wilson Chandler with 12 pts, 6 rebs a game and Danilo Gallinari is playing great with an average of 14 pts. He's made eight 3 pointers in one game this season already and needless to say is a shooting threat. The Knicks also have the skills to keep up with any high scoring opponent, averaging over 100 points a game. The only unfortunate temporary set back is Nate Robinson. He averaged 17 pts last season and is off to a very slow start this season.

All that being said, the Lakers will have no problem towering over the Knicks tonight. kobe should have another field day and both Bynum and Gasol should out rebound and plain outscore the Knicks big men. Artest will contain Danilo with his brut strength and Odom off the bench will pretty much be the last 1-2 punch New York wont see coming.

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