Wednesday, November 18, 2009

LeBron James will never be a Laker

Before I start to vent like I usually do on this blog, please be reminded that I am by far no expert. My thoughts and opinions are strictly mine and are based from years of bleeding purple and gold. Okay let me begin. It drove me crazy to see this story make cover (LeBron is misspelled BTW) of the Sports section from a legitimate newspaper in L.A. It struck me how serious this briefly spoken topic had transformed itself into something more dominant than the H1N1 flu virus.

I've heard the possibility and all of the hypotheticals surrounding LeBron becoming a Laker when he hits his free agency this off season. Listen, as much as I was caught up with the media's muppet show of Kobe and LeBron playing in the finals last season (never happened) I'm not going to fall victim to their silly game yet again. Fool me once shame on you but to fool me twice? Uh uh, not again. I can't help it though, my Dumbo ears do get bigger when I hear "Kobe" and "LeBron" in one sentence. The fascination of these two epic NBA stars never leaves my system. Let's face the reality of this talked about fantasy, and it is just a fantasy. LeBron coming to L.A. will NEVER happen. LeBron will NEVER be a Laker and I'm going to tell you why.

Reason #1 - Media attention

I've said it many times, one spotlight isn't big enough for two HUGE star athletes on the same team, i.e. Shaq and Kobe. Yes, there were three championship years that came out of this but the collapse of these two almost ended the organization. I'd hate to see King James and The Black Mamba hash it out and have another potential Laker dynasty ender. Their mutual respect is something to embrace not destroy. LeBron's presence alone will drive the media insane. This will cascade into an uncontrollable frenzy that will disarray from the focus of the team. A subtle helping hand would be great for the Lakers but to bring on board a massive giant for aid would be a bit drastic. The L.A. media has a tendency of over-exposing and portraying any new Hollywood relationship as a good one (Kobe & LeBron) and then twisting it around to expose the ugliness of it to only kill it as quickly as it started. Lakers do not need this Hollywood publicity stunt to help the team, the team just needs better chemistry among their players.

Reason #2 - Lose more than gain

Let's just say we throw away reason #1 and really consider the options in order to make this fantasy into a reality. To get a monumental monster of a player such as LeBron, the Lakers would need to obviously prepare to lose a heck of a lot. They would need to lose at least 3 key players and maybe a future first round pick up. Can we afford that physically and financially for that matter? You just can't break up a team that was built by years of hard enduring work and expect the best outcome. The demand for LeBron coming to the Lakers would ultimately red line the organization in the long run. It will take at least one evolving season for it's true championship level to start. What? You actually think LeBron and Kobe will instantly take off as expected? Look what happened with the Lakers in 2003-2004. You're talking about the "Lakers Reloaded" here with Gary Payton, Kobe Bryant, Devean George, Karl Malone, Rick Fox and Shaq. Everyone and their Mother had this Laker squad winning the championship. Even Chick Hearn from above was screaming to us down below, "The lights are out, the eggs are cooling, the butter's getting hard and the Jello jiggling!" but the jiggling Jello had melted in the end. Many broken hearts were given that ugly off season. I'm scarred for life from that experience as a fan.

Reason #3 - Limited flooring space and minutes

The hardwood floor isn't big enough to hold both LeBron and Kobe. Team Captain needs his space to do his magic and so does King James. I already see the headache Kobe gets when Artest decides to, but fails at every attempt, to take over the game because of the pressure he's feeling from the media to play better. I hate to say this about our boy, but Kobe is selfish when it comes to sharing the ball and space. When he is put on the floor to do his job and other teammates get in his way, you can see how frustrated he gets. This is my only conflict with Kobe but I've grown to accept it because over the years, his teammates didn't help and Kobe was left to fend for himself to win games. He's gotten accustomed to that role and sometimes fails to turn that switch off when need be. LeBron and Kobe will definitely, but not intentionally, duke it out amongst themselves. Kobe will not accept any lesser role and I would assume LeBron wouldn't either. Last time I checked, there's 48 minutes in an NBA game. This isn't enough time for two teammates to average well over 28 ppg, each. Kobe is already averaging 31 pts and LeBron is already averaging 28 pts in this young season.

Let's leave this possibility to us nerds who play Fantasy Basketball. To have both LeBron and Kobe on your fantasy team is killer but to have them both on one team outside nerd heaven just can't happen. It's against the rules.

Another bit of information to consider: The only good thing L.A. has ever gotten out of Cleveland, Ohio was The Drew Carey Show.

We would love to hear from you. Please leave your comments about this epidemic. Do you agree or disagree? Do you think LeBron would be a good addition to the Lakers?


  1. LeBron is going to New York, plain & simple. There's no way he's coming here, i doesn't make any sense for him. Jay-Z and New York needs him.

  2. I agree with you Chris. LeBron makes sense in NY. If Iverson goes there and then Lebron next season, the Knicks will once again be in the limelight and yes Jay-Z will be happy.

  3. LeBron no longer wants to talk about his off season options to the media he says, yet he went out publicly to entertain them before season. I agree, Lakers don't need the unnecessary headache and don't need two kings to on the throne.

  4. YOU GUYS ARE DUMB! why would JayZ be happy when he part owns the Nets not the Knicks if anything hed be happy with lebron going to the Nets, and the lakers dont need lebron yet, we still have the best player in the NBA and the rest of the squad that just won the championship, if lebron does leave cleveland this offseason then he will eventually end up in LA after kobe retires, its just bound to happen that he joins the best organization in all sports

  5. Anonymous, Jay Z would love to pick up LeBron but would LeBron love to do to New Jersey? I agree with you, the only way he'll become a Laker is is Kobe leaves or retires as one.

  6. Dont get me wrong. The Lakers are better without him. He is a good player though. Can you imagine how the Lakers would do with him?

  7. Enough of the Lebron trade guys,he is NOT leaving the Cavs just yet.I think he wants to bring a championship to Cleveland first cause they do have the players to do it.You can tell Johnnys messages cause he gets so defensive and angry he gives it away,keep up the researching Mr. b-ball!

  8. Why do people constantly keep calling Lebron "King James", the name really does not fit him. He has not accomplished a single thing other than being a 2 time league MVP, so what is he the king of. Definitely not the king of the N.B.A.


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