Saturday, October 31, 2009

Season Game 3: Los Angeles Lakers vs Atlanta Hawks

November 1st, Season Game 3: Lakers vs Hawks.
Staples Center, Los Angeles - 6:30PM PT (FSN West)

After last night's brick special over at the Staples Center, Lakers need to step back, grab some popcorn and watch plenty of film. Their performance left Dallas thinking they can beat any team now. I hate to look back because there's no sense now, but as I was watching last nights' travesty, I couldn't help but think how well Ariza is fitting into the Rockets rotation. He's the team's leading scorer and is just playing great early season. I can't stop thinking how much we miss him already. Again, Artest is no Ariza and Ariza is definitely no Artest. In saying this, each player has their own strengths but if I were to compare and jot down pro's and con's, Trevor would easily out number Artest.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, losing Trevor is something you can't bandage, especially with the quick Artest remedy. The wound will not heal and will only continue to hurt the Lakers until we find surgical help. When I say surgical help, I mean surgically removing what is hurting the Lakers, Ron Artest.

Pre-game, Kobe was interviewed and was asked something to the extent of how he felt with the chances of the Lakers winning 72+ games this season. Kobe quickly answered, not promising anything as its way too early and he also said something that stuck in my mind, he said it's also too early to see if he has the squad that's capable of making that feat. I knew when I heard that, he gave us a subliminal message saying we'll have to wait and see how Artest benefits the team. I may be thinking way too deep in to his statement but you had to see the look on his face when he said it.

I am definitely not putting the blame solely on just one player for last nights loss because practically the whole team played horribly, however, I am also not going to dismiss my thoughts about Artest until he shows us what Kupchak saw in him.

Post Game:

Yes, the Lakers are back! A must needed redemption from the Mav's massacre the other night. This was a well played game for the Lakers. Four players in double figures, Kobe had 41 pts, Lamar almost with a triple double (11 pts, 14 rebs, 8 assists), Bynum with 21 pts and Artest with 12 pts. Artest led the night in block shots with 3. His offense still needs a jump start but his defense is starting to pick up.

Here are the final numbers to the game:
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