Thursday, October 29, 2009

Season Game 2: Los Angeles Lakers vs Dallas Mavericks

October 30th, Season Game 2: Lakers vs Mavericks. This WILL be a very close game. Dallas coming off an embarrassing loss at home against the Wizards has only left them angry and out for blood. The big 2 will have a big game, Marion and Dirk. Kidd needs to bounce back from his low productive opening night.

Lakers obviously have everything to gain and all the momentum, especially playing at home again. This game will be an early preview of what the Lakers will expect come playoff time. This season also holds much promise to a great divisional championship. The Western Conference clearly has the stronger teams in the NBA.

On a personal note. Poker or game? I hate tough decisions! Wait, why not both? I will work on this. Go Lakers!

Post Game:

Lakers just couldn't get any run going tonight. The Mavericks had an answer for every Laker come back attempt. Kobe (6-19), Lamar (5-11), Artest (1-6), Farmar (2-8), Fisher (2-9), and Bynum (6-13). This kind of production always leads to an L. Shannon Brown was the only player that showed consistency. The Dallas Mavs simply dominated offensively & defensively. Marion & Kidd had a Stockton to Malone kind of night. Kidd with 11 assists and most of those went to #0, Shawn Marion.

Here are the final numbers to the game:
(click to enlarge)

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