Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Preseason Games 7 & 8: Los Angeles Lakers vs Denver Nuggets

October 22 & 23, Preseason Games 7 & 8. Lakers vs Nuggets. Two more of these scrimmages before the big season opener on the 27th.

The Lakers have become a smart team of veterans who know the game. Let me briefly tell you why age doesn't matter to our starting PG. D. Fish, the elder whose physique rookies would love to have will yet again display the pure desire to win another championship that most players artificially display. He's still clutch and dependable when the game is on the line. I pick him defensively over any PG on the floor.

Here's a quote from Sports Illustrator:

"0 Games missed by the backcourt of Derek Fisher, 35 and Kobe Bryant, 31, during the regular season. The oldest starting-guard tandem in the NBA last year was also the only one to start all 82 of its team's games".

Great health leads to great seasons. I can't say enough about how losing Fisher in '04 was a big mistake but picking him up again in '07 was HUGE! He is and should be the inspiration for the team to keep going, no matter what! His energy is contagious and will continue to motivate his teammates. He's ALL heart! Fuck this, "I don't make enough money" or "I'm not happy here" or "I need more minutes" crap. Derek Fisher is the LION among the hungry hyenas who are never satisfied. He is the quintessential of how the game should be played. He will play just as hard at the starting position as he would coming off the bench. It doesn't matter.

Lets just watch these final two games as if they matter and prep ourselves for a great 2009-2010 season full of upsets and met expectations. Speaking of expectations, this hype for the LeBron and Shaq duo is just what it is, hype. The same recognizable hype the media gave Shaq in Phoenix and we all know how that concluded. His presence destroyed the team tempo. The Suns were one of THE teams to beat in the West. Now Phoenix fans find greater entertainment with their WNBA Champions. Shaq will only do the same for LeBron's Cavs. We'll just have to see how this new relationship develops.

I've been seeing these preseason games very casually but something in Gasol's, Bynum's, Kobe's and even Brown's eyes is giving me great comfort. If you look closely, you can see flames in their eyes that only Larry O'Brien can extinguish.

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  1. I agree. Derek Fisher is very important to the teams chemistry! Go Lakers


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