Saturday, October 17, 2009

Preseason Games 4 & 5: Lakers Shootout back home at the Staples Center

Preseason Game 4: October 17th, Lakers vs Bobcats. Let me paint the picture on this day of craziness. The Charlotte Bobcats, Utah Jazz and that other team who shares the rent, Los Angeles Clippers will join the Lakers for this two day shootout event. Since the Champs are already playing the Bobcats, this leaves the Clippers hosting the Utah Jazz. Now, the results from these games will lead into Sunday's festivities.

Preseason Game 5: October 18th. This day will feature winners playing winners and losers playing losers from Saturday's Shootout. Lakers will play against either the Clippers or Jazz.

Here are the final numbers for the Lakers vs Bobcats game (Saturday):

Final numbers for the Lakers vs Clippers game (Sunday):

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