Thursday, October 8, 2009

Preseason Game 2: Inglewood Lakers vs Golden State Warriors

Going back to where it all began...The Great Western Forum. The now LA Forum hosts the NBA Champs (again, never gets old) vs Golden State, Part II, preseason game 2.

When I see this picture I have many memories. I would drive past The Great Western Forum when visiting my Grandmother and cousins and reading the big sign in the front, seeing who the Lakers were playing that night. Going to games, and waiting for players to leave the parking lot for a lucky signature. I remember meeting Harold Miner after one game, remember him? Meeting Kurt Rambis, not as a player but as an assistant coach. Seeing Vlade drive away in his souped up Mercedez.

One priceless memory that would never be replaced is when I met Chick Hearn.

My cousin Peter and I were walking around inside the forum, pre-game, and spotted Chick Hearn and Stu Lantz (AKA Chicken Stew). We started to wave our arms nervously to maybe grab their attention for an autograph. We were in the aisle way and they were about 10 rows up. Stu waved us off but Chick waved us in. Man, I'm getting teary eyed just reminiscing. THE Golden Throat Chick Hearn took the time to personally greet us both and signed our program! He made the time for! Even when he was swamped with pre-game preparation he still made the time for us fans. Fans for life! Like Chick, moments like this one will last forever. We miss you so much Chick!

I think I went off topic here but who cares, anytime I can write about Chick is a good time.

So, this game will conclude to the same post game numbers, Bryant, Bynum will give there respected preseason highs and hopefully Artest will have a bigger game. He should have all the butterflies out of his system now. The Warriors will leave with a bitter taste of what to expect in the regular season if massive changes don't happen. They're too small and desperately need size. My crystal ball is showing more Shannon Brown-like dunks coming there way.

Here's the dunk in case you missed it:

Here are the final number for the game
(click to enlarge)

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