Thursday, July 30, 2009

Lamar Odom - 33 Million for the next 4 years!

THIS JUST IN, Lamar's wardrobe is loud, VERY LOUD...wait, THIS ALSO IN, Lamar has finally made his decision! The last missing piece to the Lakers Dynasty has returned! 33 million for the next 4 years reported by ESPN. $27 million guaranteed (25 mill for the first 3 years and an opt to leave on the 4th year for $2 mill). It's evident that he wants to return as a Laker because of the big potential contracts left behind with Portland and Miami. He was just looking at his options people, no big deal (as I release a BIG sigh of relief).

Now, we are definitely set and ready for the upcoming season, especially with bad boy Artest on board. Let's do this all over again!


  1. Lamar is a little prick for looking around. He knew he was coming back! He left all that extra money he could've gotten. What an cocky dude. Oh well, at least he's back for a while now.

  2. Woo hoo! I smell another championship.

    I guess the Heat will win the chumpionship - they lost out this offseason and will be road kill for the Cavaliers and the Celtics next year...


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