Monday, July 27, 2009


Why haven't the Lakers organization signed Lamar Odom yet?! WTF. Now there's talk about Pat Riley and Dwayne Wade meeting up with Odom? This is not good folks. We need Odom back! Any more departing will have Scorsese's attention. These stupid lengthy negotiations will ultimately damage the teams camaraderie. We can't afford to keep opening the door for new players to come rushing in. We have a strong, deep rooted team, maybe even stronger with Artest dishing out punches now, but this? Possibly losing Odom now? What's going on? It seems Odom's sweet tooth has a craving for something much more


  1. Odom has a greedy agent. I don't think it all his doing. what do you guys think?

  2. Dude, Lamar doesn't like Kobe. It's that simple. Why don't you guys realize this?

  3. If Lamar goes to Miami, it's all over. The Lakers will be lucky to make the playoffs!


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