Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Lakers vs Magic - 2009 NBA Finals

2009 NBA Finals
Los Angeles Lakers vs Orlando Magic

Congrats to both the Western & Eastern Conference Champions! The moment has arrived!!! WHAT A YEAR! The excitement is running through my body and the Lakers are salivating for victory champagne. I want this series to be over faster than LeBron leaving Game 6 of the Eastern Conference Finals.

Energy drinks commercializing last years MVP vs this years MVP & Muppets hyping the rivalry between the two was not only wrong but just a slap in the face of the Orlando Magic organization. The media had already counted the Lakers and Cavs in for the Finals before they were even wearing their respected white billed Conference Champs caps. I really think this added more fuel for Coach Van Gundy and his team. I even fell guilty of this possibility, actually a bit hopeful to be honest. The thought of Kobe vs LeBron would've proven and answered the all too familiar question, "Who is better, Kobe or LeBron". Now, Dwight Howard and his flying elbows has burst this fantasy bubble. I really dislike his dirty approach to the rim, lowering his shoulder and elevating with a flury of elbows.

Not quite as exciting but heck, the Lakers are in the 2009 NBA Finals and that much closer for yet another championship banner season! This year WE will be screaming, "ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!" or maybe something less scripted. I've already packed my Laker Parade gear! Yes, it's clear I am a bit over zealous because this years matchup leaves me quite confident! I just don't see Magic winning over Magic's Lakers! Let me tell you why.

Orlando Magic's only fighting chance will be behind the perimeter. If they can take advantage of our weak defense around the arc and make the 3 ball then maybe, just maybe they have a chance to take it the full 7 games. D. Howard can't do it alone and the Lakers bench is way too deep for Orlando. Rashard Lewis and Hedo Turkoglu have already proven that they can kill an opponent with their range and the Lakers BETTER play SUPERB defense against these two. Leaving them slightly open will turn the series around. We just can't afford to double team the wrong players and/or switch slowly, leaving Magic's shooters open just enough to look at the basket with no hand in their face.

Rafer Alston & Michael Pietrus can very easily be the surprising X factors and need not to be taken lightly. A MUST for the Lakers will be for Lamar Odom and his sweet tooth to play great consistent ball! He needs to keep playing well and not leave the heavy offensive load for the team captain.

There's buzz around the media with Jameer Nelson's return to play in the Finals. ESPN reported that Jameer says he feels 50/50 about his timely return just in time for the Finals, If this happens, I think this will definitely favor the Lakers. Jameer will be rusty and will need several games to get back on track and by then it will be too late. There is no way Jameer will come in hot after being out since February. No way.

2009 Lakers Finals Schedule:
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Let's go Lakers and let's win another championship for Chicky Baby!


  1. I agree with you Eric. Lakers will need to guard the perimeter very closely in order to have a successful series. They tend to leave the outside free for wandering. Game 1 is very important for us to take! Lets set the tempo and take charge early on and show no mercy! Nice graphic..very funny.

  2. Lakers need not to let Orlando win this Sunday. We need to take both games here before going out to Orlando!


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