Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Bryant and Artest Contest

Here it is, L.A. vs Houston in the second round! This is exactly what I was hoping for as the Blazers are out of the race for the Larry O'Brien Championship Trophy.

See, the Portland Trailblazers gave us two of our 17 losses and those games alone (in Portland) left me confused and inconclusive. This concerned me heavily since I knew we would meet them again come post season. Lakers can leave a significant 4th quarter lead out for charity more times than Jerry and his kids. This leaves me extremely concerned...let me explain. Hypothetical A for example, what if Lakers lose one at home for reasons explained earlier and fail to win in Portland mirroring season-like performances? This would result in an early departure and would be the biggest upset since the Giants defeating the Patriots In Super Bowl XLII!

Now Houston has cured me. I feel somewhat revived and the thought that Artest will be my biggest worry in this series is VERY reassuring. Sorry but Kobe will absolutely own him. Plus, Artest's most recent interview confirms my suspicion of his escape from mental rehab. See below:

Yoa Ming is definitely something to worry about but if the Lakers can control him in the key then we should have no problem. Bynum's health is key! Bynum needs to show his dominance backing Yoa down and rule the paint!

I've taken the liberty of inserting box scores of all four regular season games against the Rockets. You do the math and come to your own conclusions.
(Click to enlarge)

November 9th in Los Angeles

January 13th in Houston

March 11th in Houston

April 3rd in Los Angeles

Box scores courtesy of Yahoo Sports

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