Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Why the Lakers need Odom

What's this trade talk about Odom for Beasley or Shaq? First Radman is gone now this possibility?! Please! Odom is staying right here, especially after his performances the last four games! It's like Sesame Street with Lamars rebounds lately, one night he gets 17, the next, 18, after that, 19, then a whopping 20! Tonight's broadcast will be brought to you by the number 21. Come on now! Lakers will have BIG feet to fill if they were to become Odomless.

Lamar has proven his point triumphantly! Don't trade me bro! Don't trade me! Why he's not consistent kills me but it's obvious once he turns the switch on, he's an inside monster. Odom is a Laker and will remain that way!

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