Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Madison Square Garden's Greatest Performance

Monday, February 2, 2009
New York Knicks (21-25) vs Los Angeles Lakers (37-9)

In a game where the Lakers needed all the help they can get with Bynum injured, this was an opportunity for team captain to lace up his shoes extra tight. A sold out Madison Square Garden arena with over-flowing loyal New Yorkers ready to shout, "BEAT L.A.!" was just the stage Kobe needed. Just looking at Kobe's pregame face, Laker fans knew he was on a mission and was not going to disappoint.

The Lakers bench, the Knicks bench, Knicks fans and even Mr. Spike Lee himself were in AWE by what was happening. A record breaking game was in the making. #24 more than doubles his jersey number by scoring 61 points, ultimately beating the Knicks, 126 - 117. Michael Jordan's record of 55 points...broken, Bernard King's record of 60...broken. I was more amazed to see loyal Knicks fan Spike Lee and the other loyal Knicks fans give Kobe a standing O in such a sincere, heartfelt manner. For a second there I was confused, thinking we were playing at home because of the familiar "MVP!", "MVP!" chants for Kobe!!! My feet were instantly cold when I heard this and then I quickly realized that Hell actually froze over! Who would've thunk it? I certainly didn't but I definitely have a new found respect for New York Knicks fans, a rare breed who not only accepted Kobe's visiting performance but embraced it.

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