Saturday, January 17, 2009

Best in the West vs Beast in the East

Monday, January 19, 2009
Los Angeles Lakers (31-8) vs Cleveland Cavaliers (31-7)

This will be the second biggest game for the Lakers this season so far. Boston on Christmas Day was the first and playing against LeBron's Cavaliers will be the second. A showdown of the best. Kobe vs Lebron. This will be a game of high numbers.

Key Matchup: Kobe Bryant vs LeBron James

Okay, let's start with the facts. Kobe is averaging 27 pts., 5 rebounds with 5 assists. LeBron is averaging 28 pts., 7 rebounds with 7 assists. Kobe is the better finisher with more speed as LeBron is the bigger scorer with more strength. These two All-Stars will put on a show for sure! The games victor will go to the highest producer of the two.

D. Fish will have to play well and contain Mo Williams. Mo has scored in double figures in the last 12 games. D. Fish is bothered by a slight groin strain, so if Phil notices that Derek is effected by it then Kobe will play the point guard position.

Sasha Pavlovic is replacing Delonte West (wrist) at the SG position. Pavlovic scored 19 points in his first start of the season. He is a 3 point threat and the Lakers can not allow him to be left open behind the arc.

The tall tale of the game will be in the paint. The Lakers will have the advantage. The big men in yellow should attack Clevelands inside void with Ilgauskas being out (fractured left ankle). Pau Gasol should have no difficulty throwing up numbers against Anderson Varejao and the aging Ben Wallace. Andrew Bynum will have no strong defender playing him so his well needed inside performance will be vital for the Lakers 32nd victory this season.

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