Sunday, November 30, 2008

Vlad's New Look

After Vladimir Radmanovic was poked in the eye last Friday against the Denver Nuggets, he has been seen to make quite the eye fashion statement by sporting new shades for his protection.

I say keep the look Vlad as it evidently has put the umph back in your jump shot. Vlad shot an impressive 80% from behind the arc the next game, making 4 out of 5 three pointers.

Vladimir's jump shot is a thing of beauty. You can literally get off your sofa, grab a drink and some appetizers and sit back down and the ball will still be in route to the basket. His shot resembles the Saint Louis Arch but with a little more height.

No. 10 is something to reckon with. Defensive players need to not to play so loosely as Mr. Radmanovic's jump shop has gotten more accurate thanks to his newly aquired infra-red vision.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Kobe's Mini Me

What a great start for the Lakers with only losing to Iverson's Pistons, making the opening team record a league best 11-1 so far.
I love how Phil Jackson has Lamar Odom in the sixth spot giving Ariza the playing time he deserves. I know the man only needed minutes to prove himself. Trevor is full of energy and is a GREAT finisher. Have you seen his dunks?! Crazy hops! Kobe has his back up for sure and will get more rest in result. Trevor is all over the place offensively and especially defensively. His speed and ability to soar higher than Jetblue (with better landing of course) for crashing those boards is what the Lakers need. He goes for steals with much success and he throws his body having no fear to finish strong.

Right now early in the season, it seems that we will have the rematch us Laker fans want with Boston as the Celtics have quite the impressive start too with a 13-2 opening record. It is far too early but i am certain the Lakers will make the finals again. Who they will play against, no one really knows as Cleveland looks strong too.

There's been some eye opening trades already starting with the big one, Iverson going to the Pistons and Chauncey to Denver, Zach Randolph, Mardy Collins going to the Clippers and Mobley, Tim Thomas to the Knicks, Al Harrington going to the Knicks and Jamal Crawford to the Warriors.

It's so great to see these teams go through big changes and see the Lakers only get stronger game by game with results that remind us of the Lakers early this decade.

Go Lakers and keep it up Trevor!