Monday, June 30, 2008

Kobe Looking For A Much Bigger Trophy

Kobe is now among many NBA giants who will take on the world to regain the gold medal in the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

Kobe, D. Wade, LeBron, Carmelo, Kidd, T. Prince, Boozer, C. Bosh, D. Howard, Chris Paul, Redd and Deron Williams will all have to set their differences aside and play in unity representing the U.S.A.

It should be VERY interesting to see Chris Paul play along side Kobe and I especially can't wait to see Kobe dunk on some poor innocent foreigner. Hey, at least he'll gain instant fame for being on Kobe's new poster!

Check out Vince Carter dunking on a 7'2 European in the 2000 Olympics! Ouch!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Shaq Receives Replacement Badge

What the hell? Shaq still isn't over his bitter divorce with Kobe? GET OVER IT!!!! Stop trash talking on #24 already!

The cause of my justifiable outburst you ask? Shaq recently got caught freestyle rapping about our boy Kobe...again. In Shaq's ridiculous rampage of retarded lyrics, he said, "Last week Kobe couldn't do without me.", "Kobe ratted me out and that's why I'm getting a divorce" and "Kobe, tell me how my ass taste." This was of course videotaped and because of his 8 Mile moment he had to hand over is earned RESERVE "Special" Deputy Badge and matching helmet.

Here's the official definition of "Freestyle Rap".

Freestyle rap is an improvisational form of rapping, performed with few or no previously composed lyrics, which is said to reflect a direct mapping of the mental state and performing situation of the artist.

It's clear that Shaq's mental state has no ability to let go of the past and move on. Hmmm, let's see what Shaq's been up to lately. He was traded to the Suns but with that trade came an absolute clogging of Phoenix ever getting another chance of being serious contenders for a championship season. In my personal opinion, Nash is THE best point guard playing today and he deserves his ring but thanks to The Diesel here, the only ring Nash will be getting is suffe-RING.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Will Bynum Deliver?

The Los Angeles Lakers organization say that the team has a bright future and believe will be contenders for the next five to six seasons.

One question instantly comes to my mind. Will Bynum deliver upon his well anticipated return? He's been sidelined with a partially dislocated left kneecap since the final three months of the season and the entire post season.

When Bynum returns next season and assuming Odom stays, we will have a very strong intimidating line-up.

Here's the projected 2009 starting line-up:

PG - D. Fish
SG - K. Bryant
SF - L. Odom
PF - P. Gasol
C - A. Bynum

I'm excited and very confident that with this line-up we will once again have a successful season!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Opportunity Missed!

Hey, it could have happened! We had a chance to grab KG but evidently Odom and Bynum were not enough compensation.

Congrats to the Celtics! They truly deserve this championship. My thoughts on how the Lakers played or lack there of Tuesday night really has no relevance right now as the Celtics championship rings are being engraved as I type.

One thing I will say is this, as I watched the Lakers deficit get bigger and bigger I kept telling myself, "There will be another Laker run, there has to be!" but I came to the realization that the Lakers literally GAVE UP, just flat out GAVE UP. I was stunned, frustrated, saddened and disappointed. On the same token, I was proud that we made it this far but the feeling was quickly spoiled by watching Kobe fail to take charge of his team.

As a fan you take games like these, especially games that end a season, to heart. The more I think about how I'm feeling, the more I realize that these athletes are flying back to their multi-million dollar homes, beautiful girlfriend(s), wife or wives, and get to lounge around enjoying their time off deciding on what new wardrobe, car, house to splurge on.

LOL...I have to wake up grumpy, my stomach feeling empty, get ready to go to work, walk into my mini Lakers museum of an office, wanting to rip everything off the walls, work until my head explodes and then finally go home. Oh crap, is my gas tank empty, AGAIN?! $70.00 gone then I start to drive home but wait...what is is this? A sea of cars ahead of me? This can't be, oh yeah, traffic. An hour later I finally arrive home only to realize I forgot to pick up groceries!!!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Don't Pull The Plug Quite Yet!

Lakers take game 5 but not easily. It was yet another nail biter. Can we close out a game early guys, come on! Either way I am not complaining at all as I really wasn't looking forward to the champagne celebration party hosted by The Staples Center. IF it happens, let the TD Banknorth cleanup crew handle that.

One good sign for Tuesday night is that Kendrick Perkins will remain on the bench with his shoulder injury. He's been playing effectively at the center position. If we can contain KG like we did last night and play BETTER DEFENSE then we might have a chance. If Pierce has an average game and doesn't go crazy offensivley like he did then we might have a chance. If Ray Allen's path to the open 3 point line is defended well then we might have a chance. Ray has 15 3 pointers this series.

Kobe needs to be, well, KOBE. His supporting cast need to make their shots. Fisher, Sasha, Farmar, Gasol, Vladimir and ESPECIALLY ODOM. Lamar will have to be the surprising X factor tomorrow night. His mid range game has not been there and that needs to change. He can hit his jump shots!

Phil needs to stop making idiotic substitutions. Mihm needs to have ZERO minutes. The poor guy had a Kareem moment and attempted a nice looking sky hook, the only problem was, the rim seemed to have moved to the right and the ball flew over it. Luke needs to ONLY be given minutes based on his performance come game time. He's inconsistent. He can be a great contributor but then he can also make a statistician writing hand go numb with turnover marks.

Farmar, Vladimir and Sasha need to make their presence felt. Lets face it, there will be some bad calls by the refs but let's not get technical fouls based on whiny reactions, especially after we score. YES, I'm talking to you Vladimir!

Gasol needs to be AGGRESSIVE! Cut to the basket much quicker from a pick and roll so Kobe's entry pass won't come flashing by in front of you. Grab those rebounds with meaning and purpose!

Rondo might come out strong and surprise us. Let's stop him and his upside-down headband. It's a subtle disrespect to our Laker legend Jerry West as his silhouette is hanging bat-like.

Let's quiet the Celtics fans by setting the tempo early like games 4 and 5! I want the FRIGGIN' JFK Library to be louder than the Celtics arena!

Let's unite history's "Boston Tea Party" with today's "Boston Three Party" by having Boston throw more bricks than those tea bricks thrown in the Boston Harbor back in 1773! (My history teacher would be proud of that last comment)

If we take game 6 then it's a whole new ball game! We can re-ink the record books by executing this comeback. It's a chance of a lifetime and it's ours!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Jackson Is Non-Chalant While Rivers Gives One Hell Of A Halftime Speech

Just imagine, after years of saving your hard earned cash, you finally purchase your dream car. You step inside and your body sinks in. The interior is spotless, you take a second to breathe it in, reintroducing yourself to that lovely "new car" scent. You insert the keys in the ignition and hear the engine start. You push the gas pedal to hear it rev a little. You can't wait to show it off to all of your friends. You grab the steering wheel and tighten your grip with the intent to never let go. You fiddle with the stereo to find the perfect song to drive off to. You adjust the mirrors and look at your reflection from the rear view just to make sure you look good. You drive off the car lot and then...


Well, that pretty much explains how I felt when I had the luxury of witnessing the Lakers blow the biggest NBA Finals lead (24 points) to the Celtics post halftime. The Lakers came out hot, I mean hot! They were passing the ball beautifully and making shots resulting in an early significant lead. The Celtics had no solution. At one point the lead was the statement given 24 points. 24 points!

Ariza played great and it was nice to see him out there on the court exuding high energy. Coach, give him some more playing time!

Need I remind you that I love the Lakers! I need to keep telling myself this because the more I hear it, the less angrier I get. Okay in saying this, let me continue.

I can recall Phil Jackson being interviewed right after halftime and he seemed so non-chalant. That attitude bothered me somewhat.

Then the second half arrives. A half I would ask a genie to erase as one of my 3 wishes granted. Second wish would have Jessica Alba (pre-pregnancy) wanting me but that's beside the point. Right off the bat the momentum was leaning towards Boston. Lakers started to show weakness by not hitting shots, defensively collapsing by showing us loyal fans what all the laker-haters have been telling us all along...we leave that 3 point shot wide open. 7-11 would have a lawsuit filed if they knew how OPEN they were. It was frustrating to see Posey, House and Allen wait around the perimeter only to see the ball thrown to their direction time and time again for a wide open 3 pointer. We had some success behind the arc as well, oh wait, never mind, we were 0-8 in the second half.

Gasol's game needs hardening. His softness gives Charmin a run for their money. His flopping arms show more energy than his execution and follow thru. Gasol's defense was not there tonight. How do you allow an open lay-up in the final seconds of the fourth quarter to seal the game.

As far as Kobe goes, although he shot 2-13 early on, in my personal opinion he still did his thing however he did his usual forced shots with several going in. His aggressiveness was contagious, unfortunately ONLY contagious to the crowd. His rhythm struggled due to several bad calls and good defense by Paul Pierce.

When Boston's bench scores 35 points vs. L.A.'s bench only scoring 15, you have to start believing why Kobe shows his frustration on court. The Boston Three Party showed us why the Celtics franchise has made such a miraculous turn around in only one year.

Kobe commented to the media after the game using an analogy that tonight's performance was one comparable to a really bad wet bed. The kind of wet bed that a towel can't cover.

Yup, that pretty much sums it up. Let's face it folks, Lakers simply played horribly in the second half and Boston made an incredible comeback. A comeback for the ages and it had to happen here against our Lakers! Crapola.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Lakers Score On Third Date!

Finally, the Lakers show sign of life in Game 3 of the Finals. All fans clinching to their seats until the very last minute of the game. The bench earned their playoff salaries and Kobe, well, Kobe did his thing and finished the Celtics off with big shots towards the end of the game! His presence was felt tonight!

Free throw shooting still needs improvement and Odom was nowhere to be seen, however Sasha hit several big three pointers that lessened Kobe's offensive load.

It was a great game. The usual Hollywood celebrities got their money's worth, especially when court side seats ran for $28,000 and nose bleeds ran for $2,600.

Thursday is another "Must Win". I must say, every time I see KG make his shots I wonder why we didn't pick this guy up.

Go Lakers!

American Idol winner David Cooks sings the National Anthem.

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Can Lakers Come Back?

So Lakers fans, what now? Listen, I am as much of crazy fan as the next but let's be realistic here, stats do not favor us. Only two teams have ever come back from being down two games.
I know we are now back home and tonight is "a must win" but in saying this can we really beat the Celtics going back to Boston? The way the bench has been playing and the way Kobe has been more focused on the refs officiating rather than his game are some factors that contribute to the over all success the Celtics have had in this series.
Free throws, defense, perimeter shooting and this planet have chosen green rather than the old reliable purple and gold. What's really going on folks! I don't get it, we played extremely well during the playoffs and all of a sudden we fail to follow thru in the first two games of the NBA Finals?
Let me know people. What do you think of my current state of mind?

Even The Magic Man voices his frustration.

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