Thursday, December 4, 2008

Wizards need more than magic to beat the Lakers tonight

Let's face it, the handicapped Wizards have no chance against the Lakers. If Michael Jordan came out of retirement...again, played for the Wizards...again, wearing #45, no, wearing #23, in his prime with Phil coaching him, Washington still would have no chance. Lakers have depth deeper than the Grand Canyon and team moral higher than Snoop D. O. Double G.

Here are the reasons why the Wizards have only 3 wins this season. Agent Zero is injured and has been on the IL since early September. Due to surgery on his left knee, Arenas will be out for 3 months. DeShawn Stevenson, the teams starting SG is only averaging roughly 9 PPG and is only shooting 67% from the line. The team statisticians will only be looking at Caron and Antawn. The team relying on these two players to carry the load offensively is taking its toll.

The fact that the Wizards fired Coach Eddie Jordan late last month after just 11 games into the season (1-10 record) and hiring team's director of player development, Ed Tapscott doesn't really help either.

So in conclusion, the only good thing that Washington currently has is President Elect Barack Obama.

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