Sunday, December 14, 2008

Never enough Lakers memorabilia

Why is it that every time I walk into a store, my eyes catch everything Lakers? I have a weakness for having to get anything and everything that shows the Lakers logo.

My office is perfect example. I am surrounded by things purple and gold such as, pictures, bobble heads, watches, stickers, banners, signed memorabilia, posters, figurines, videos, beach towels, pillows, cups, pens, caps, jerseys, clocks, calendars, magazines, trash cans, I can go on and on with this obsession.

Am I obsessive? I want to think that I'm not but the more Lakers stuff I grab at the local sporting store makes it seem otherwise. It's as if I'm a little boy again running around in the candy store with a dollar in my hand, in complete and utter awe of the choices I have. When I find an item that I don't have and is within my budget, my eyes get big with joy as if I found treasure. Sometimes, if it wasn't for a nudge from my girlfriend I would have no self-control.

Just the other day I found a Lakers Christmas gnome. A Lakers Christmas gnome! I had to have it but why? What is this gnome going to do for me but just stand there in his Laker hat and jersey. I just don't get why I have this need to obtain more Lakers stuff. I mean it's not like i going to collect EVERY Lakers merchandise out there. Or will I? Hmmm. I really do think if I won a huge cash prize of some sort I would ridiculously go crazy by buying Lakers memorabilia that would cover the walls of my new Lakers game room. A game room that would be built just to hold the crap I own. You're talking about Lakers stuff that I've had for many, many years that hold more value sentimentally than monetarily. Side note, I've always wanted a purple felt pool table that would sit center in my Lakers game room. One day, just one day. This would be the ULTIMATE of sanctuaries.

I know in today's economy money is tight. So in result, I have shown GREAT restraint not to purchase things like a Lakers Christmas gnome. Well, I must confess, I actually went back to the store but it was gone. This my friends was a sign. So now, my office still sits pretty with Lakers vibrancy just not with NEW Lakers vibrancy.


  1. I own an unopened box of Wheaties (cereal) that I purchased 22 years ago and never opened. Pictured on the front is the 1986 winning Lakers Team. Would love to sell this if anyone is interested.

  2. Wow, a 22 year old unopened Wheaties box that has the 1986 champs on the cover. Impressive but I can top that. I have a 30 year old opened Lucky Charms box that I have no intention of getting rid of.


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