Saturday, December 6, 2008

Do the Bucks have enough Buck?

Any NBA team poses a threat on any given night, just look at what happened last night with the Wizards almost pulling the upset. In saying this I am not going to look past the Bucks and their ability to put up a fight.

Now that Michael Redd is back on the roster healthy, Kobe will have to put up some major numbers. Redd can shoot the light's out in our light's out arena. Richard Jefferson is playing great consistently scoring 111 pts. in the last 5 games. Ariza, Radmanovic will have their hands full defensively. Bogut can be a surprising factor in this game if he's given minutes and his migraine headache is gone. Bynum should dominate the paint as Bogut is no threat defensively. Villanueva can give Gasol some trouble if his hamstring doesn't start to bug him again.

The key match-up will be with Kobe and Redd as these two players will score more than Hugh Hefner on Viagra. The Bucks Luke Lidnour isn't 100% healthy yet (back spasms) so Phil should take full advantage by having D. Fish and Farmar be more productive.

Something to consider as well, Bucks head coach Scott Skiles is not afraid to bench any of his players if they're not playing well so we might see the bench get more minutes. We all know that Luc Richard Mbah a Moute has heart and can easily showcase his shooting ability if given the minutes.

Overall, the Lakers should tally up win #17 however like I mentioned earlier, if the Wizards (3-14) can put up a fight then the Bucks DEFINITELY can give ticket holders a BUCK for their dollar.

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