Monday, December 8, 2008

Bynum is dominating!

After a brief injury scare, Lakers starting center Andrew Bynum is tearing it up in his last few games (see the graphic below). During this run he has averaged 17 to 19 points per game, and in his last two games he also got double-doubles, with a total of 24 rebounds. Perhaps most importantly for those of you who have Bynum on your fantasy teams, he is blocking shots once more. He has blocked five in his last three games.

Bynum's next game is tomorrow, in Sacramento, where starting center Brad Miller is stinking up the joint. How man blocks will Bynum get on the hated Kings?

On Wednesday this week Bynum will face off against former Lakers center Shaq O'Neal and on Friday Bynum will have another chance to slam the Kings, at the Staples Center. Then on Sunday the lame Minnesota Timberwolves are coming to town. Bynum will no doubt feast on the defenseless lobos!

If Bynum can stay healthy he is headed for a career year! Right now ESPN has him rated number 7 on their Player Rater Center rankings for the past seven days. I suspect he will finish in the top ten amongst NBA centers this year.

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