Sunday, November 30, 2008

Vlad's New Look

After Vladimir Radmanovic was poked in the eye last Friday against the Denver Nuggets, he has been seen to make quite the eye fashion statement by sporting new shades for his protection.

I say keep the look Vlad as it evidently has put the umph back in your jump shot. Vlad shot an impressive 80% from behind the arc the next game, making 4 out of 5 three pointers.

Vladimir's jump shot is a thing of beauty. You can literally get off your sofa, grab a drink and some appetizers and sit back down and the ball will still be in route to the basket. His shot resembles the Saint Louis Arch but with a little more height.

No. 10 is something to reckon with. Defensive players need to not to play so loosely as Mr. Radmanovic's jump shop has gotten more accurate thanks to his newly aquired infra-red vision.

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