Sunday, June 22, 2008

Will Bynum Deliver?

The Los Angeles Lakers organization say that the team has a bright future and believe will be contenders for the next five to six seasons.

One question instantly comes to my mind. Will Bynum deliver upon his well anticipated return? He's been sidelined with a partially dislocated left kneecap since the final three months of the season and the entire post season.

When Bynum returns next season and assuming Odom stays, we will have a very strong intimidating line-up.

Here's the projected 2009 starting line-up:

PG - D. Fish
SG - K. Bryant
SF - L. Odom
PF - P. Gasol
C - A. Bynum

I'm excited and very confident that with this line-up we will once again have a successful season!


  1. Bynum is a difference maker! The Lakers will be even better next year - and I am hoping that Phil will sign up Gasol for some ultimate fighting training in the off-season...

    BTW, the blog looks awesome! I just added it to the blog links over at the Orange Juice. Keep up the good work!

  2. What Art Said!!! Love the Art design Eric!!!

  3. Thanks for the compliments guys! Blogging is so much fun. I was reading up on Arts blog the other day and wow, the comments were more cut throat than recent boxing matches I've seen! Nice! You have quite the editorial Art! Thanks for adding me into your blogroll! I appreciate that!

    Yes, we will definitely see whether the Lakers can improve from the phenomenal 2008 season!


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