Thursday, June 19, 2008

Opportunity Missed!

Hey, it could have happened! We had a chance to grab KG but evidently Odom and Bynum were not enough compensation.

Congrats to the Celtics! They truly deserve this championship. My thoughts on how the Lakers played or lack there of Tuesday night really has no relevance right now as the Celtics championship rings are being engraved as I type.

One thing I will say is this, as I watched the Lakers deficit get bigger and bigger I kept telling myself, "There will be another Laker run, there has to be!" but I came to the realization that the Lakers literally GAVE UP, just flat out GAVE UP. I was stunned, frustrated, saddened and disappointed. On the same token, I was proud that we made it this far but the feeling was quickly spoiled by watching Kobe fail to take charge of his team.

As a fan you take games like these, especially games that end a season, to heart. The more I think about how I'm feeling, the more I realize that these athletes are flying back to their multi-million dollar homes, beautiful girlfriend(s), wife or wives, and get to lounge around enjoying their time off deciding on what new wardrobe, car, house to splurge on.

LOL...I have to wake up grumpy, my stomach feeling empty, get ready to go to work, walk into my mini Lakers museum of an office, wanting to rip everything off the walls, work until my head explodes and then finally go home. Oh crap, is my gas tank empty, AGAIN?! $70.00 gone then I start to drive home but wait...what is is this? A sea of cars ahead of me? This can't be, oh yeah, traffic. An hour later I finally arrive home only to realize I forgot to pick up groceries!!!

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