Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Lakers Score On Third Date!

Finally, the Lakers show sign of life in Game 3 of the Finals. All fans clinching to their seats until the very last minute of the game. The bench earned their playoff salaries and Kobe, well, Kobe did his thing and finished the Celtics off with big shots towards the end of the game! His presence was felt tonight!

Free throw shooting still needs improvement and Odom was nowhere to be seen, however Sasha hit several big three pointers that lessened Kobe's offensive load.

It was a great game. The usual Hollywood celebrities got their money's worth, especially when court side seats ran for $28,000 and nose bleeds ran for $2,600.

Thursday is another "Must Win". I must say, every time I see KG make his shots I wonder why we didn't pick this guy up.

Go Lakers!

American Idol winner David Cooks sings the National Anthem.

Click below to view video:

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