Thursday, June 12, 2008

Jackson Is Non-Chalant While Rivers Gives One Hell Of A Halftime Speech

Just imagine, after years of saving your hard earned cash, you finally purchase your dream car. You step inside and your body sinks in. The interior is spotless, you take a second to breathe it in, reintroducing yourself to that lovely "new car" scent. You insert the keys in the ignition and hear the engine start. You push the gas pedal to hear it rev a little. You can't wait to show it off to all of your friends. You grab the steering wheel and tighten your grip with the intent to never let go. You fiddle with the stereo to find the perfect song to drive off to. You adjust the mirrors and look at your reflection from the rear view just to make sure you look good. You drive off the car lot and then...


Well, that pretty much explains how I felt when I had the luxury of witnessing the Lakers blow the biggest NBA Finals lead (24 points) to the Celtics post halftime. The Lakers came out hot, I mean hot! They were passing the ball beautifully and making shots resulting in an early significant lead. The Celtics had no solution. At one point the lead was the statement given 24 points. 24 points!

Ariza played great and it was nice to see him out there on the court exuding high energy. Coach, give him some more playing time!

Need I remind you that I love the Lakers! I need to keep telling myself this because the more I hear it, the less angrier I get. Okay in saying this, let me continue.

I can recall Phil Jackson being interviewed right after halftime and he seemed so non-chalant. That attitude bothered me somewhat.

Then the second half arrives. A half I would ask a genie to erase as one of my 3 wishes granted. Second wish would have Jessica Alba (pre-pregnancy) wanting me but that's beside the point. Right off the bat the momentum was leaning towards Boston. Lakers started to show weakness by not hitting shots, defensively collapsing by showing us loyal fans what all the laker-haters have been telling us all along...we leave that 3 point shot wide open. 7-11 would have a lawsuit filed if they knew how OPEN they were. It was frustrating to see Posey, House and Allen wait around the perimeter only to see the ball thrown to their direction time and time again for a wide open 3 pointer. We had some success behind the arc as well, oh wait, never mind, we were 0-8 in the second half.

Gasol's game needs hardening. His softness gives Charmin a run for their money. His flopping arms show more energy than his execution and follow thru. Gasol's defense was not there tonight. How do you allow an open lay-up in the final seconds of the fourth quarter to seal the game.

As far as Kobe goes, although he shot 2-13 early on, in my personal opinion he still did his thing however he did his usual forced shots with several going in. His aggressiveness was contagious, unfortunately ONLY contagious to the crowd. His rhythm struggled due to several bad calls and good defense by Paul Pierce.

When Boston's bench scores 35 points vs. L.A.'s bench only scoring 15, you have to start believing why Kobe shows his frustration on court. The Boston Three Party showed us why the Celtics franchise has made such a miraculous turn around in only one year.

Kobe commented to the media after the game using an analogy that tonight's performance was one comparable to a really bad wet bed. The kind of wet bed that a towel can't cover.

Yup, that pretty much sums it up. Let's face it folks, Lakers simply played horribly in the second half and Boston made an incredible comeback. A comeback for the ages and it had to happen here against our Lakers! Crapola.

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  1. Wow....loved your new car analogy. I was mesmerized with your story just to be disappointed with the outcome. So yes you get your thoughts and feelings across quite eloquently! I pray for a better and clearer win for the Lakers in their upcoming game..simply for your health! LOL


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