Monday, June 16, 2008

Don't Pull The Plug Quite Yet!

Lakers take game 5 but not easily. It was yet another nail biter. Can we close out a game early guys, come on! Either way I am not complaining at all as I really wasn't looking forward to the champagne celebration party hosted by The Staples Center. IF it happens, let the TD Banknorth cleanup crew handle that.

One good sign for Tuesday night is that Kendrick Perkins will remain on the bench with his shoulder injury. He's been playing effectively at the center position. If we can contain KG like we did last night and play BETTER DEFENSE then we might have a chance. If Pierce has an average game and doesn't go crazy offensivley like he did then we might have a chance. If Ray Allen's path to the open 3 point line is defended well then we might have a chance. Ray has 15 3 pointers this series.

Kobe needs to be, well, KOBE. His supporting cast need to make their shots. Fisher, Sasha, Farmar, Gasol, Vladimir and ESPECIALLY ODOM. Lamar will have to be the surprising X factor tomorrow night. His mid range game has not been there and that needs to change. He can hit his jump shots!

Phil needs to stop making idiotic substitutions. Mihm needs to have ZERO minutes. The poor guy had a Kareem moment and attempted a nice looking sky hook, the only problem was, the rim seemed to have moved to the right and the ball flew over it. Luke needs to ONLY be given minutes based on his performance come game time. He's inconsistent. He can be a great contributor but then he can also make a statistician writing hand go numb with turnover marks.

Farmar, Vladimir and Sasha need to make their presence felt. Lets face it, there will be some bad calls by the refs but let's not get technical fouls based on whiny reactions, especially after we score. YES, I'm talking to you Vladimir!

Gasol needs to be AGGRESSIVE! Cut to the basket much quicker from a pick and roll so Kobe's entry pass won't come flashing by in front of you. Grab those rebounds with meaning and purpose!

Rondo might come out strong and surprise us. Let's stop him and his upside-down headband. It's a subtle disrespect to our Laker legend Jerry West as his silhouette is hanging bat-like.

Let's quiet the Celtics fans by setting the tempo early like games 4 and 5! I want the FRIGGIN' JFK Library to be louder than the Celtics arena!

Let's unite history's "Boston Tea Party" with today's "Boston Three Party" by having Boston throw more bricks than those tea bricks thrown in the Boston Harbor back in 1773! (My history teacher would be proud of that last comment)

If we take game 6 then it's a whole new ball game! We can re-ink the record books by executing this comeback. It's a chance of a lifetime and it's ours!


  1. Great Picture. That is all you needed. The AED says it all. Hilarious! Good luck!

  2. Eric,

    Great thoughts and totally agree with your thoughts about how we are playing....we need to toughen up! I would kill to have some throwback players on our team...someone like Lansberger, Rambis, AC Green, or Mychal Thompson...someone who will not give an inch but will definitely take a few as far as playing tough. We need someone like that...someone who will bang them around and get them thinking twice before the drive to the basket...our European connection of Gasol, Vlade, and Sasha play defense like the great matadors....ole'. They need to body up and play like MEN. I actually liked when Phil put in Mihm....hey the guy has 6 fouls...lets use 'em...but lets use them on fouls that KG, and Pierce will, hard more walks down the lane for easy layups. Its exactly what the Celts are doing to Kobe, Pau, and to play the same type of game!
    I have loved the Lakers since I could remember and know that while tonight will be a flat out WAR....KB24 can take it to a game 7...and totally believe he can push his team-mates to win the championship. He is the best I've ever seen....and no dis to MJ...he's just a better all around player than him.

    so here is what we can count on for tonight:
    Aggressive = WIN
    Soft = Summer Vacation

    Lakes have to open strong...get a lead...and never stop jamming it down the Celts throats...ALL game not let up...ever....not until Game 7 is over and we are celebrating on the Celts floor!

    Go Lakers!!!

  3. Dezz,

    Man, you're taking me old school with all this talk about Rambis, A.C. (Whom I've met at Target out all of places) Thompson & Lansberger, Mr. board killer.

    I strongly agree. The heart and soul for the game back in those days pales in comparison to today's NBA star's self greed for the all mighty buck!

    Back in those days the sweat wasn't artificial. Only a selected few play the game with heart...Kobe (although at times clouded by forgetting to wear his muzzle), Nash, Duncan, KG to name a few and the old school defense was much tighter than their shorts. Yikes, I just had a visual of Will Ferrell in Semi Pro.

    LOL...I am loving your Matador analogy!I couldn't stop laughing because it's so true! LOL.

    Let's avoid Summer vacation and aim for the jugular!

    Thanks for taking the time Dezz! Laker fans unite!

  4. The lakers still lost game 6 though. :/
    Kind of reminds me of the Stanley cup finals with the Pittsburgh penguins...
    (I'm from Pittsburgh, Haha)
    Sorry for the random comment...



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