Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Can Lakers Come Back?

So Lakers fans, what now? Listen, I am as much of crazy fan as the next but let's be realistic here, stats do not favor us. Only two teams have ever come back from being down two games.
I know we are now back home and tonight is "a must win" but in saying this can we really beat the Celtics going back to Boston? The way the bench has been playing and the way Kobe has been more focused on the refs officiating rather than his game are some factors that contribute to the over all success the Celtics have had in this series.
Free throws, defense, perimeter shooting and this planet have chosen green rather than the old reliable purple and gold. What's really going on folks! I don't get it, we played extremely well during the playoffs and all of a sudden we fail to follow thru in the first two games of the NBA Finals?
Let me know people. What do you think of my current state of mind?

Even The Magic Man voices his frustration.

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  1. This will be a series for the record books, my prediction....well Lakers win in game 7 in Boston. Yes I said it, but with confidence.This way,I'll fly higher than ever , sporting that purple and gold, and in more ways than one ;) Game 4 tonight baby, Cmon!!!


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